Scripture Verse

If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. Luke 9:23


Words: Charles Wes­ley, Hymns for Times of Trou­ble and Per­se­cu­tion, se­cond ed­i­tion, en­larged (Lon­don: Stra­han, 1744), pag­es 33–34.

Music: I See Thee Stand­ing, an­on­y­mous (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles Wesley


Come all who love the slaughtered Lamb,
And suffer for His cause;
Enjoy with us His sacred shame,
And glory in His cross;
His welcome cross we daily bear,
Hated, reviled, oppressed;
We only can His truths declare
Who calls the sufferers blessed.

Our Master’s burden we sustain,
Afflicted for His sake,
In loss, reproach, distress and pain,
A strange delight we take.
We drink the consecrated cup
Our Savior drank before,
And fill our Lord’s afflictions up,
And triumph in His power.

His power is in our weakness shown,
And perfectly displayed;
The strength we feel is not our own,
But flows from Christ our Head.
With consolations from above
He fills our ravished breast;
The Spirit of His glorious Love
On every soul doth rest.

He takes His suffering people’s part,
And sheds His Love abroad,
And witnesses with every heart,
Thou art a child of God.
Surely we now believe and feel
Our sins are all forgiven;
The outward and the inward seal
Confirm us heirs of Heaven.

Then let us all our burden bear,
To Christ our souls commend,
Joyful His lot on earth to share
And patient to the end.
Be faithful unto death, He cries,
And I the crown will give;
Amen, the glorious Spirit replies,
We die with Thee to live.