Go, and sin no more.@John 8:11

Charles Wesley, Hymns Occasioned by the Earthquake, March 8, 1750, second edition (London: 1755), number 2.

Ormesby George Merritt, in The Primitive Methodist Hymnal, edited by George Booth (London: Primitive Methodist Publishing House, 1889), number 46 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

God of glorious majesty,
Whose judgments are abroad,
Pierce, and turn our hearts to Thee
With sacred horror awed;
All this drowsy land awake,
And by the thunder of Thy power
Shake, our inmost spirits shake,
And let us sleep no more.

Rising in Thy dreadful might
The wicked to rebuke,
Thou hast with unwonted fright
Our sleeping bodies shook;
Earth did to her center quake,
Convulsive pangs her bowels tore;
Shake, our inmost spirits shake,
And let us sleep no more.

Ere the threatened ruin come,
A general terror dart,
Send the keen conviction home
To every thoughtless heart;
Shake us out of Satan’s hands,
Burst open every prison door,
Rouse, and loose us from our bands,
And bid us sin no more.

Jesus, Lord, to whom we cry,
The true repentance give,
Give us at Thy feet to lie,
And tremble, and believe;
On the Rock of Ages place
Our souls, till all the wrath is o’er,
Ground, and ’stablish us in grace,
And bid us sin no more.