Scripture Verse

In the way of Thy judgments, O Lord, have we waited for Thee; the desire of our soul is to Thy name, and to the remembrance of Thee. Isaiah 26:8


Words: Charles Wes­ley, Hymns and Sac­red Po­ems (Bris­tol, Eng­land: Fe­lix Far­ley, 1749), vol­ume 1, num­ber 1, part 2, alt.

Music: Duke Street at­trib­ut­ed to John Hat­ton, 1793 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

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Charles Wesley


Awakened by Thy threatenings, Lord,
We long have seen our lost estate,
And still we hang upon Thy Word,
And still for full redemption wait.

’Tis all our soul’s desire to know
Thy loveliness, and to proclaim,
To perfect holiness below,
And show forth all Thy glorious name.

Thee with my spir’t have I defied,
And mourned throughout the live long night,
To Thee my early soul aspired;
And still I want Thy blissful sight.

I languish for Thy saving grace,
And groan in pain to be renewed,
And all within me seeks Thy face,
And all I am cries out for God.

Thy awful judgments first awoke,
And filled with terrors from above,
We sank beneath Thine anger’s stroke,
And trembled, ’til we felt Thy love.

Sinners shall hear Thy threatening rod,
Break off their sins, and stand in awe,
For when Thy judgments are abroad,
The guilty world will learn Thy law.

But neither threats nor smiles can move
The wretch self hardened, self-destroyed;
Who slights Thy wrath, will spurn Thy love,
And make Thy tender mercies void.

He in the land of righteousness
Rejects the grace he might receive;
He will not learn the way of peace,
He will not come to Thee, and live.

He will not taste Thy pardoning grace,
Thy bleeding love he will not see,
Behold his God in Jesu’s face,
Or own the suffering Deity.

Lord, when Thine hand is lifted up,
They will not see, nor understand,
But they shall soon be forced to stoop,
And feel Thy sin-avenging hand.

Who now their hellish malice show,
And in Thy people Thee defy,
Malign Thy little flock below,
And touch the apple of Thine eye;

Confounded for their envious hate
They soon shall prove Thine utmost ire,
And tremble, and confess too late
Our God is a consuming fire.

Judgment for those who slight Thy grace,
But peace Thou wilt for us ordain,
Thou hast inclined us to embrace
Thyself, and bid our fruit remain.

O Lord, our God (when all renewed
And perfect made in love, we say),
We were by other lords subdued,
And basely yielded to their sway.

Long did our lusts and passions reign,
And ruled us with an iron rod,
But lo! we now their yoke disdain;
And yield us servants to our God.

Redeemed from all iniquity,
Thine all victorious grace we own;
Worship and power ascribe to Thee,
And live and die to Thee alone.

Thro’ Thee Thy goodness we proclaim,
We glory in Thy gracious power,
And boast we of Thine only name,
And speak, and think, of sin no more.

Our old usurping sins are dead,
Thou hast the lawless tyrants slain,
Buried, no more to lift their head;
No, never shall they rise again.

No spark of sin is left alive,
No least remains, or smallest seed;
That they might never more revive,
The Son hath made us free indeed.

Thou all their memory hast erased,
Their being utterly destroyed,
Their name eternally defaced,
And filled our sinless souls with God.