Scripture Verse

Sing unto the Lord, bless His name; show forth His salvation from day to day. Psalm 96:2


Johann M. Haydn (1737–1806)

Words: Charles Wes­ley, Hymns for the Na­ti­vi­ty of Our Lord (Lon­don: Will­iam Stra­han, 1745), num­ber 2.

Music: Ly­ons, at­trib­ut­ed to Jo­hann M. Hay­dn (1737–1806). Ar­ranged by Will­iam Gar­di­ner, Sac­red Me­lo­dies (Lon­don: 1815) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles Wesley (1707–1788)


Ye heavenly choir, assist me to sing,
And strike the soft lyre, and honor our king;
His mighty sal­va­tion demands all our praise,
Our best adoration,
And loftiest lays.

All glo­ry to God, who ruleth on high,
And now hath bestowed, and sent from the sky
Christ Je­sus, the Sav­ior, poor mortals to bless,
The pledge of His favor,
The seal of His peace.

Thanksgiving and praise to Je­sus belong;
Who claims for His grace
The New Testament song;
Our Sav­ior and lover, in hymns we pro­claim,
And all the world over,
Rejoice in His name.

Ye sea faring men, His footsteps adore,
His miracles seen, of goodness and power;
Who plough the rough ocean, your voices employ,
With hearty devotion,
And fullness of joy.

Ye deserted wilds, your offerings bring,
Your God reconciled, ye villagers sing;
Exult in His passion, ye rude mountaineers,
For lo, your sal­va­tion
With Je­sus appears!

Him, strong to redeem, ye islanders praise,
Created by Him, who saves the lost race;
With shouts ne­ver ceasing, extol the Most High,
And welcome the blessings
He brings from the sky.