September 14, 1737, Rohrau, Austria.

August 10, 1806, Salzburg, Austria.

Petersfriedhof, Salzburg, Austria.


Brother of composer Franz Haydn, Johann began singing as a chorister at St. Stephen’s, Vienna, around 1745. While there, he studied violin, clavier, and counterpoint. In 1757, he was appointed to the court of the Bishop of Grosswardein (now northern Romania). In 1763, he won an appointment as Konzertmeister to Archbishop Schrattenbach of Salzburg. He also played the organ at the Dreifaltigkeits Church in Salzburg, and taught violin at the court. The Royal Swedish Academy of Music inducted him in 1804. Haydn’s works include over 400 pieces of religious music, plus:

  1. Befiehl
  2. Greenland
  3. Holy Communion
  4. Lyons
  5. Newbury
  6. Offertorium
  7. Salzburg
  8. Venice
  9. Worship