March 15, 1770, Lei­ces­ter, Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 16, 1853, Lei­ces­ter, Eng­land.

Wel­ford Road Ce­me­te­ry, Lei­ces­ter, Eng­land.

W. G. Lei­ces­ter.


Gardiner’s mu­sic­al gift ap­peared ear­ly: At age six, he sang a so­lo at the wed­ding of his friend’s fa­ther. He lat­er learned to play the pi­a­no and vi­o­la, and as a teen­ag­er wrote a march for troops re­turn­ing from war in Am­er­i­ca.

As his mu­sic­al tastes ma­tured, he was an ad­mir­er of Beet­ho­ven and Hay­dn. He be­came a mem­ber of the His­tor­ic­al In­sti­tute in Par­is in 1843.

His works in­clude:

  1. Belmont
  2. Gardiner
  3. Germany

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