O Lord, according to all Thy righteousness, I beseech Thee, let Thine anger and Thy fury be turned away.@Daniel 9:16
Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

From Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution, by John and Charles Wesley, second edition, enlarged (London: Strahan, 1744), pages 6–7. This source does not name the author, but it seems likely the hymn is by Charles Wesley.

In Memoriam (Roberts) Caradog Roberts (1878–1935) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Caradog Roberts (1878–1935)

God of infinite compassion,
God of unexhausted love,
From a sinful, sinking nation
Once again Thy plagues remove;
Snatch us from the jaws of ruin,
See Thy helpless people, see!
Death and hell are close pursuing,
Save, O save us unto Thee.

Have we not filled up the measure
Of our daring wickedness,
Challenged all Thy just displeasure,
Quenched the spirit of Thy grace?
Yes, our heinous provocations
For Thy heaviest judgments cry:
We have wearied out Thy patience,
Forced Thy love to let us die.

Why should not the dreadful sentence
Now on all our souls take place?
Why should not Thine instant vengeance
Swallow up our faithless race?
How can we expect Thy favor?
Good and gracious as Thou art,
Sinners’ advocate and Savior,
Find the answer in Thy heart!

Jesus, mighty mediator,
Plead the cause of guilty man:
Pity is Thy gentle nature,
Canst Thou let us cry in vain?
From Thy Father’s anger screen us,
Suffer not His wrath to move;
Stand Thou in the gap between us,
Change His purpose into love.