Scripture Verse

Ye are My witnesses, saith the Lord. Isaiah 43:12


William S. Nickle

Words: Charles Wes­ley, Hymns and Sac­red Po­ems 1749, Vol­ume 1, num­ber 202. Be­fore preach­ing in Cornwall.

Music: Fru­men­ti­us Will­iam S. Nick­le, 1899 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles Wesley


True witness of the Father’s love,
Celestial messenger divine,
Come in Thy Spirit from above,
The hearts which Thou hast made incline,
Thy faithful record to receive
That all may hear Thy voice and live.

Send forth the everlasting Word,
The Word of reconciling grace,
That all may know their bleeding Lord,
The freely proffered gift embrace,
Hang on the all-atoning Lamb,
And bless the sound of Jesus’ name.

Jesu, Thou only hast the key,
Open the great effectual door,
Extend Thy line from sea to sea,
And glorify Thy mercy’s power,
Redeem the wretched slaves of sin,
And force Thy rebels to come in.

Now to Thy yoke their spirits bow,
Thy way into their hearts prepare,
Be present with Thy servants now,
With me Thy meanest messenger,
Who humbly at Thy bidding come,
To call my fellow exiles home.

Fisher of men ordained by Thee,
O might I catch them by Thy love!
Thy love be first bestowed on me,
And while the pleasing power I prove,
My tongue shall echo to my heart,
And tell the world how good Thou art.

Teach me to cast my net aright,
The Gospel net of general grace,
So shall I all to Thee invite,
And draw them to their Lord’s embrace,
Within Thine arms of love include,
And catch a willing multitude.

O might I every mourner cheer,
And trouble every heart of stone,
Save, under Thee, the souls that hear,
Nor lose, in seeking them, my own,
Nor basely from my calling fly,
But for Thy Gospel live, and die.