Scripture Verse

Will ye not tremble at My presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it? Jeremiah 5:22


Words: Charles Wes­ley, Hymns for Times of Trou­ble and Per­se­cu­tion, se­cond edi­tion, en­larged (Lon­don: Stra­han, 1744), pag­es 67–68.

Music: Bu­cu­reș­ti adapt­ed from Lost Ri­ver, by Asa Hull, 1864 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles Wesley (1707–1788)


The Lord is king—ye saints, re­joice,
And cease­less hal­le­lu­jahs sing!
The an­gry floods lift up their voice
In vain, for lo! the Lord is king.
All ocean’s waves may swell and roar,
They can­not break their san­dy chain:
Supreme in ma­jes­ty and pow­er
Jehovah shall for ev­er reign.

Though war’s de­vour­ing surg­es rise,
Beyond their bounds they can­not go,
Jehovah sits above the skies,
And rules th’em­bat­tled hosts be­low.
The coun­sels vain of earth­ly kings
He blasts and baf­fles at His will;
All their designs to naught He brings,
And bids the mad­ding world be still.

’Tis God who bids con­ten­tion cease,
And makes the flames of war ex­pire,
Destroys the cru­el foes of peace,
And burns the wea­pons of His ire.
Wherefore to Him our souls we raise,
Our souls are in His migh­ty hand;
We dwell with­in His sec­ret place,
We on the rock of ag­es stand.

Thou, Lord, shalt take Thy peo­ple’s part,
Our lives be­neath Thy sha­dow hide:
Head ov­er all to us Thou art,
To us who in Thy name con­fide.
Jesus, we trust in Thee alone:
The strength that in Thy name we have,
The love that still pre­serves Thine own,
Thro’ all eter­ni­ty shall save.