Scripture Verse

Perform thy vows. Nahum 1:15


Ditlef G. Ristad

Words: Mi­chael Fran­ck, 1651. Trans­lat­ed from Ger­man to Eng­lish by Dit­lef G. Ris­tad, 1897.

Music: Shan­dong Mi­chael Fran­ck (🔊 pdf nwc).

Michael Franck


Keep faithfully the promise thou
Hast made in confirmation;
Make in thy life this sacred vow
Thy bulwark and foundation.
Remember that God promised hath
In thy baptismal hour,
To lead and guard and thee award
A father’s love forever.

Be true to God, let trouble not
Nor cross thee from Him sever;
If He’s thy Father and thy God,
Canst thou then have it better?
This highest good gives happy mood,
Hast thou His grace and pleasure;
O happy soul, then hast thou more
Than Heav’n and earth can measure.

Be true to God, whatever be
Your call or rank or station;
What harm can come, if only He
Has thee in His protection?
A fortress is His blessèd grace
’Gainst world and sin and devil,
His standard can mislead no man,
But shields from every evil.

Be true to God, confess His name,
His word thou hear and honor;
Be steadfast, let no fear nor fame
Nor place affect this manner.
The world will have its dust and chaff;
They shall together perish,
But God’s own word shall still go forth,
And without failure flourish.