Scripture Verse

A little while, and ye shall not see Me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see Me, because I go to the Father. John 16:16


Grace W. Davis

Words: Grace W. Da­vis, Fa­vo­rite Gos­pel Songs (Jer­sey Ci­ty, New Jer­sey: J. N. Da­vis, 1894), num­ber 163.

Music: Sol­do Grace W. Da­vis, 1894 (🔊 pdf nwc).


After awhile the trump will sound,
To wake the nations underground,
After awhile, after awhile;
After awhile the Lord will come
To call His faithful children home,
After awhile, after awhile.

After awhile we all shall stand,
For recompense at God’s right hand,
After awhile, after awhile;
Accepted of the Lord we’ll be,
To reign with Him eternally,
After awhile, after awhile.

Then from His presence will be sent,
Those who of sin did not repent,
After awhile, after awhile;
For such in Heav’n there is no room,
Banished from God will be their doom,
After awhile, after awhile.