God created the heaven and the earth.@Genesis 1:1

S. Childs Clarke, 1893.

The note on the hymn is: Written originally at the request of the Reverend Canon Hervey, and sung at the re-opening of Sandringham Church, after restoration by…the Prince of Wales. It was sung at the Choral Festivals at St. Paul’s Cathedral, 1893; Norwich and Truro, 1894; Ely, 1895, and others. In Festival and other Hys., 1896, and Add. Hymns, 1903.

Julian, p. 1622

Sumus Tibi H. Elliot Button, 1891 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lord of all creation,
Now before Thy throne,
We Thy people bring Thee
Gifts that are Thine own.
Thine is all the greatness,
Power and glory Thine,
High o’er all exalted,
Majesty divine.


Of Thine own we offer,
Of Thy gifts we give,
Unto Thee, O Father,
In whose life all live.

All the gold and silver,
Corn on plains and hills,
Grass upon the mountains,
Water in the rills—
All things yield Thee glory,
With Thy light they shine;
Thou all art inspirest—
Science, skill are Thine.


Body, soul, and spirit,
Thought and speech, and song,
Come of Thee, Creator,
And to Thee belong.
These in bounden duty
We devote to Thee;
Thine is all the dower,
Thine the glory be.