August 8, 1861, Cleve­don, Som­er­set, Eng­land.

Circa August 1925, Hamp­stead, Eng­land.

Button’s father was master of a private school, and excelled as an organist. Elliot was a self taught musician, and besides being solo alto at Holy Trinity Church, Upper Chel­sea, was a pianist, organist, and violinist.

He was also at one time was an editor for the No­vel­lo publishing company. He har­mo­nized a number of tunes in The Prim­i­tive Meth­od­ist Hym­nal Sup­ple­ment with Tunes (Lon­don: Prim­i­tive Meth­od­ist Pub­lish­ing House, 1912), and ed­it­ed the third ser­ies of the Bris­tol Tune Book.

  1. Clephane
  2. Linden
  3. Oh, It Is Beau­ti­ful
  4. Priodas
  5. Reva Falls
  6. St. Fran­cis
  7. Sumus Ti­bi
  8. There Is No Love Like the Love of Je­sus