August 8, 1861, Clevedon, Somerset, England.

Circa August 1925, Hampstead, England.

Button’s father was master of a private school, and excelled as an organist. Elliot was a self taught musician, and besides being solo alto at Holy Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea, was a pianist, organist, and violinist. He was also at one time was an editor for the Novello publishing company. He harmonized a number of tunes in The Primitive Methodist Hymnal Supplement with Tunes (London: Primitive Methodist Publishing House, 1912), and edited the third series of the Bristol Tune Book.

  1. Clephane
  2. Linden
  3. Oh, It Is Beautiful
  4. Priodas
  5. Reva Falls
  6. St. Francis
  7. Sumus Tibi
  8. There Is No Love Like the Love of Jesus