GabrielJust When I Need Him Most
Gabriel’s MessageAngel Gabriel from Heaven Came, The
GadThe tribe of Israel.
Gairney BridgeThe village near Kinross, Scotland.
  1. O God of All Redeeming Grace
  2. Not unto Us, O Lord of Heav’n
GalápagosThe volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.Living Way, The
GalileanHark, the Voice of Jesus Calling
Galilee (Armes)One Cup of Healing Oil and Wine
Galilee (Holborn)
  1. O’er the Dark Wave of Galilee
  2. ’Tis God, Whose All Disposing Sway
Galilee (Jude)
  1. Ever Would I Fain Be Reading
  2. How, Can I, Lord, Keep My Way Pure?
  3. Jesus Calls Us
GalwayCharge to Keep I Have, A
Gambia (Fillmore)The African country.Riches of Heaven, The
Gambia (Towner)The African country.At Calvary
GangesAwaked by Sinai’s Awful Sound
Gants HillThe district of London.Son Hath Made Me Free, The
GarabandalThe village of San Sebastián de Garabandal in the Peña Sagra mountain range of Spain.God’s Best Gift
GaraisonSowing and Reaping
Garden City
  1. Church Has Waited Long, The
  2. Day Is Past and Gone, The
  3. Far as Thy Name Is Known
  4. Send Down Thy Truth, O God
Gardiner [Dedham]Composer William Gardiner.
  1. Hear, Lord, the Voice of Praise and Prayer
  2. O How I Love Thy Holy Law
Garmisch-PartenkirchenThe town in Bavaria.Turn to Jesus
GarsideGarside Bible Church, Hamilton, Ontario, where composer Edward Cottrill played the organ.Jesus, I Live to Thee
GartanThe parish and lake in County Donegal, Ireland. Sometimes misspelled as Garton.Love Came Down at Christmas
GaryThe city in Indiana.Dews of the Night
Gascon CarolInfant So Gentle
  1. O Son of God, We Wait for Thee
  2. Whate’er My God Ordains Is Right
Gates AjarGates Ajar
GatheringGathering of the Nations, The
GatwickThe airport near London.Meet Me There!
Gaudeamus PartiterSee Ave Virgo Virginum
GaudeteLatin for rejoice.Joy Fills Our Inmost Hearts Today!
Gaudium CælesteThere Was Joy in Heaven
GauntlettComposer Henry Gauntlett.As Joseph Was a Walking
GazaFor Those We Love Within the Veil
GaziantepThe city Turkey.Our Lord’s Resurrection
GdańskThe city in Poland.My Savior Tells Me So
GdyniaThe city in Poland.Harvest Fields Are Waiting
GederTo God Our Voices Let Us Raise
Geduld, die Soll’n Wir HabenWhile Yet the Morn Is Breaking
GeeComposer Samuel Gee.Shades of Silent Night Dividing
GeerSee Elim
Gelobt Sei GottO Lord of Life, Where’er They Be
Gelobet SeistO Jesu Christ, All Praise to Thee
GenesisO Father, All Creating
GenevaWhen All Thy Mercies, O My God
Genevan Psalm CXLord, Through This Holy Week of Our Salvation
Genevan Psalm CXVIII
  1. Christians, Sing Out with Exultation
  2. Rendez à Dieu Louange et Gloire
Genevan Psalm XIIMy Lord, My Master, at Thy Feet Adoring
GennesaretLord, I Am Thine, Entirely Thine
Genoa (Barnby)The city in Italy.From the Cross the Blood Is Falling
GentThe city in Belgium.Room for Jesus
Gentle Jesus
  1. Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild
  2. Gently, Gently Lay Thy Rod
GeorgetownThe area in Washington, DC.Hereafter Thou Shalt Know
GeraldDr. Fitzgerald Sale Parker & Geraldine Reid Sherrill, who helped compile the 1935 Methodist hymnal.
  1. Give Thanks to God the Sovereign Lord
  2. Hour-Glass, The
  3. I Want a Principle Within
  4. O Praise the Lord, His Deeds Make Known
  5. World Within, The
GerarThe place where Abraham stayed (Genesis 20:1).
  1. God Is the Fountain Whence
  2. O Royal Bride, Give Heed
  3. O That I Could Repent
GerardSee Noel
GerhardtHymnist Paul Gerhardt.O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
GermanDo No Sinful Action
Germany [Fulda, Walton]
  1. Day Hath Dawned—The Day of Days, The
  2. Eastern Sages Sought Their Lord, The
  3. From Calvary a Cry Was Heard
  4. God of the Strong, God of the Weak
  5. Great God, We Sing Your Mighty Hand
  6. Holy Lord God! I Love Thy Truth
  7. I Love You, Christ, My Crucified
  8. Immanuel, We Sing Thy Praise
  9. Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness
  10. Lord of the Sabbath, Hear Us Pray
  11. O Give the Lord Whole-hearted Praise
  12. O God, in Whom We Live and Move
  13. O God, My God, My All Thou Art!
  14. Take Up Thy Cross
  15. This Blessed Night
  16. Thou True and Only God
  17. To Thee, My Heart, Eternal King
  18. We Seek Thy Face
  19. We Sing to Thee, Immanuel
  20. When I the Lonely Tomb Survey
  21. Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life
  22. Why Do the Proud Insult the Poor?
  23. With What Delight, Great God, I Trace
  24. Withering as Grass Is Humankind
GeronimoBehold the Bridegroom Draweth Nigh
  1. Now I’m Convinced the Lord Is Kind
  2. Praise to the Holiest in the Height
  3. What Shall I Render to My God (Wesley)
Gethsemane (Dykes)Gracious God, My Heart Renew
Gethsemane (Hull) [Remember Me]Gethsemane
Gethsemane (Monk)Go to Dark Gethsemane
Gethsemane (Ouseley)

When in Dark and Dreadful Gloom

GhaziabadThe city in India.Tell Me, Ye Wingèd Winds

Also see Consolation

GibbonsComposer Orlando Gibbons.I Lay My Sins on Jesus
GibeonGlory to God! the Morn Appointed Breaks
GibraltarIn the Hush of Early Morning
GiessenO Lord of Glory! Who Couldst Leave
Gift of Love
  1. Gift of Love, The
  2. My Shepherd Fills My Every Need
GiggleswickThe village and civil parish in the Craven district of North Yorkshire, England.Sin No More (McCabe)
GilderComposer Richard Gilder.To Thee, Eternal Soul, Be Praise!
Gilead (Méhul)Come, Let Us Sing Before the Lord
Gilead (Toronto)Thou, the Great, Eternal God
GilgalThe town in Israel (1 Samuel 7:16).My Dear Redeemer and My Lord
GiraudIn the Happy By and By
GironaThe city in Spain.Gospel Trumpet Sounds, The
Glad Day
  1. Day of God, Thou Blessèd Day
  2. Hail the Day, When in the Sky
  3. Hail the Night, All Hail the Morn
  4. He Has Come, the Christ of God
  5. Mary to Her Savior’s Tomb
  6. Morning Spreads Her Crimson Rays
  7. Sing, Ye Ransomed Nations, Sing
  8. Soldiers of the Cross, Arise!
  1. Let Angels and Archangels Sing
  2. Lion of Judah’s Tribe, Draw Near
  3. O God, Thou High and Lofty One
  4. Ye Holy Souls, in God Rejoice
  5. While Nature Yielding to Despair
Glädje Utan Gud Ej FinnesOnly God Can Bring Us Gladness
GladnessCome Rejoicing, Praises Voicing

Also see St. Anselm.

GlamorganshireThe historic county in Wales.Shall I Wait?
GlasburyThe village in Powys, Wales.Thee, Father, We Bless
GlasgowBehold! the Mountain of the Lord
GlastonCome Ye Yourselves Apart
GlastonburyThe town in Somerset, England.Weary with My Load of Sin
GleasonChicago musician Frederick Grant Gleason.Slowly, Slowly Darkening
Glebe Field
  1. Hail, All Hail the Joyful Morn!
  2. Joy! Because the Circling Year
Glen EllynThe town in Illinois.Jesus Is Our Loving Shepherd
GlendaleThe city in California.Light at Eventide
GlenifferThe hills south of Paisley, Scotland.Jesus Bids Us Shine
Glens FallsThe city in New York.I’ll Speak a Word for Jesus
GlezenComposer Edward Glezen.My Times Are in Thy Hand
  1. By the Thoughtless World Derided
  2. God in Heaven Hath a Treasure
Gloria (Barnes)
  1. Angels We Have Heard on High
  2. Hearken, All! What Holy Singing
  3. Praise Be unto Our God
Gloria (Bucknall)Glorious Is Thy Name, O Lord
Gloria (Smart)Hark! the Sound of Holy Voices
Glorious PeaceLike a River Glorious
GloryGlory, All Is Glory
Glory in the HighestDo You Know the Song That the Angels Sang
Glory Song
  1. O That Will Be Glory
  2. Sing We the King
Glory to BethlehemGlory to Bethlehem
Glory to JesusGlory to Jesus
Glossop RoadMy God, How Wonderful Thou Art
  1. He Sat to Watch O’er Customs Paid
  2. Look Down upon Us, God of Grace
GloucestershireWill You Take Jesus Today?
GloverniaBeloved, Let Us Love
GobaithWelsh for hope.See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph
God Be with YouGod Be with You Until We Meet Again
God Loved the WorldGod Loved the World
God Made MeGod Made Me for Himself
God MovesGod Moves in a Mysterious Way
God of the LivingGod of the Living, in Whose Eyes
GoderichBe Joyful in God
GodfreySavior, Blessèd Savior
Goethe [Lyndhurst, Repose (Harmonia)]
  1. Bethlehem Rejoices
  2. Holy Spirit, Hear Us
  3. Purer Yet and Purer
  4. Unto God Our Savior
God’s Love
  1. God of the Glorious Sunshine
  2. Grander Than Ocean’s Story
Gold CreekThe neighborhood in Snohomish, Washington.Guide Us, Pilot, to the Harbor
Gold und SchätzeDank Dir, O Herr, daß Gold und Schätze
Golden Chain
  1. Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place (Gill)
  2. Lord, Thou Has Been Thy People’s Rest
Golden Deed Somebody Did a Golden Deed
Golden GateThe park & bridge in San Francisco, California.
  1. Far Out on the Desolate Billow
  2. God Bless the Home
Golden GroveChrist in His Heavenly Garden
Golden HillIs This the Kind Return?
Golden KeyPrayer Is the Key
Golden Rule, TheStill Small Voice, The
Golden SheavesTo Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise
Golder’s GreenThe area in London.Dream of Pilate’s Wife, The
Gonfalon RoyalSing to the Lord a Joyful Song
GontenschwilThe town in Canton Aargau, Switzerland.Is Your Life Fully Yielded?
GonzalesThe city in Texas.Show Us Thy Way
Good NewsWhat’s the News?
Good Shepherd
  1. Lord Is My Shepherd, The
  2. Thou, Lord, Hast Forsaken
GoodrestOne Is Kind Above All Others
GopsalThe Leicestershire home, near Atherstone, of Charles Jennens, who wrote the libretto for Handel’s Messiah.Rejoice, the Lord Is King
Gordon [Caritas, Clarendon Street]
  1. Great Shepherd Who Leadest Thy People in Love
  2. I Once Was a Stranger
  3. My Jesus, I Love Thee
  4. O Lord, Life Is Sacred
  5. Voice from the Desert, A

Also see St. Pantelejmon

  1. Lord of the Hearts of Men
  2. My Spirit on Thy Care
  3. Remember Not, O God
  4. While My Redeemer’s Near
Goshen [St. Michel’s]The region in Egypt where the Israelites lived (Genesis 45:10).
  1. As Shadows Cast by Cloud and Sun
  2. O Praise the Lord, for He Is Good
  3. O Thou Who in Jordan
  4. Our Father in Heaven
Goshen (Davis)
  1. I Was Made a Christian
  2. Jesus Is Our Shepherd (Stowell)
GossComposer John Goss.Praise to God, Your Praises Bring
  1. King of Glory Standeth, The
  2. When Spring Unlocks the Flowers
Gotha (Albert)Praise the Lord: Ye Heavens, Adore Him
Gotha (Knecht)I Will Ever Sing Thy Praises
Gott ein VaterLittle Drops of Water
Gott Sei Dank [Lübeck, Pittsburgh]
  1. As Thy Day, Thy Strength Shall Be
  2. First of Martyrs, Thou Whose Name
  3. Heaven and Earth, and Sea and Air
  4. In the Sun, and Moon, and Stars
  5. Jesu! Our Eternal King!
  6. Jesus, Savior, Come to Me
  7. Lamb of God, to Thee We Raise
  8. On This Day, the First of Days
  9. Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word
  10. To Thy Temple I Repair
Gott Sei GelobetO Lord, We Praise Thee
Gott Will’s MachenSpouse of Christ, in Arms Contending
Gottes Sohn Ist KommenOnce He Came in Blessing
GöttingenThe German city.
  1. Get Thee Behind Us, Fiend
  2. Was Ever Grief Like Thine?
  3. World, Who Know Not God, The
Gottlob, Es Geht Nunmehr zu EndeGerman for Thanks be to God, my end is near meDeath of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, The
  1. O Lord, with Toil Our Days Are Filled
  2. We Journey Through a Vale of Tears
GouldSing to the Great Jehovah’s Praise
Gower’s Litany
  1. Father, Hear Thy Children’s Call
  2. Spirit, Strength of All the Weak
GrabsruheGerman for peace of the grave.Yes, He Knows Your Way is Dreary
Grace (Bevan)Come, Holy Spirit, Calm My Mind
Grace Church [St. Polycarp]
  1. Arise, Great God
  2. Captain of My Salvation, Hear!
  3. Come, O Creator Spirit Blest
  4. He Comes! He Comes!
  5. O Son of God, in Glory Crowned
  6. Spirit of Power
  7. When God Is Nigh
  8. With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh
Gracious Spirit Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
  1. As O’er the Past My Memory Strays
  2. Blest with the Joys of Innocence
  3. Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs
  4. Father of Glory, to Thy Name
  5. Father, Whose Will Is Life and Good
  6. Great God, I Own Thy Sentence Just
  7. Heal Us, Emmanuel, Hear Our Prayer
  8. Jesus! the Name High over All
  9. Lo, the Destroying Angel Flies
  10. My Trust Is in My Heavenly Friend
  11. Promised Land, The
  12. Save Me, O God
  13. Save Me, O Lord, from Every Foe
  14. ’Tis All Too Late
  15. To Our Almighty Maker, God
  16. With Thine Own Pity, Savior, See
GraftonNow, My Tongue, the Mystery Telling
Grafton StreetLord of Life, All Praise Excelling
GrahamEvangelist Billy Graham.Christians, Listen, While We Sing
Gramercy ParkThe neighborhood in Manhattan, New York.Tell Me, Jesus
GranadaThe city in Spain.When the King Shall Claim His Own
Grand Canyon [Millington]What Is Life?
Grand IslandThe city in Nebraska.Bright Angel Hosts Are Heard on High
Grand RapidsThe city in Michigan.What Would Jesus Have You Do?
GrangeYes, He Knows Your Way is Dreary
GrandpontBeloved, Let Us Love
GrantlamComposer George Grantlam.Shout of Mighty Triumph, A
GrasmereThe lake in Cumbria, England.Smitten Rock, The
GratitudeMy God, How Endless Is Thy Love
GravitySee Rockingham (Mason)
Grayton BeachThe location in northwest Florida.Each Day a Little Nearer
GrazThe city in Austria.Look Not Behind Thee
Great WallThe Great Wall of China.Praise Ye the Lord
Great White HostBehold a Host, Arrayed in White
GreatorexSprings and Streams No Longer Bless
Greek HymnChristian, Dost Thou See Them?
Green BayThe city in Wisconsin.Oh! Heaven So Bright!
Green Fields [Contrast, De Fleury]
  1. All Glory to God in the Sky
  2. Encompassed by Clouds of Distress
  3. How Tedious and Tasteless
  4. Thou Shepherd of Israel, and Mine
  5. Though Jericho Pleasantly Stood
  6. We Speak of the Realms of the Blest
  7. When All Were Enjoined by Decree
  8. When Joseph His Brethren Beheld
Green Hill (Peace)
  1. And Now, My Soul, Another Year
  2. Religion Is the Chief Concern
  3. There Is a Safe and Secret Place
  4. Why Should Our Tears in Sorrow Flow
Green Hill (Stebbins)There Is a Green Hill Far Away
Green MountainsThe mountain range in Vermont.Thou Who Canst Never Change Nor Fail
GreenfordThe suburb of London.Still Closer to Jesus
Greenland (Clark)From Greenland’s Icy Mountains
Greenland (Haydn)
  1. How Beauteous on the Mountains
  2. O Hear Them Marching, Marching
GreensleevesWhat Child Is This?
Greenville [Rousseau]
  1. Children, Hail the Holy Stranger
  2. Hush, My Dear
  3. Long upon the Mountains
  4. Thou Hast Said, Exalted Jesus
GreenwellHymnist Dorothy Greenwell.I Am Not Skilled to Understand
  1. And Are We Wretches Yet Alive?
  2. Oh, It Is Hard to Work for God
Greenwood (Prout)My Faith Looks Up to Thee
Greenwood (Sweetser)
  1. It Is Not Death to Die
  2. Lord, in the Strength of Grace
  3. My End, Lord, Make Me Know
  4. Since Jesus Is My Friend
  5. Sweetly the Holy Hymn
GreetingBreak, Newborn Year
GregorianLord’s Prayer, The
GregoryBlest Jesus, When Thy Cross I View
Grenada [Sunlight]
  1. Farther Along
  2. Heavenly Sunlight
GrenobleThe city in France.
  1. Man Was Not Made to Mourn
  2. One Thing I Can Do
GrettonThe village in Northamptonshire, England.Great King of Nations, Hear Our Prayer
GreystoneJesus, Faithful to His Word
Grieg [Hagerup]Composer Edvard Grieg.O God of Hosts, with Thy Strong Hand
Grizzly DomeThe mountain in California.Come unto Me (Martin)
GroningenThe city in Holland.Since All the Downward Tracts of Time
GroombridgeHail the Sign, the Sign of Jesus
GrosmontThe village in North Yorkshire, England.Haste, O Lord, My Spirit Faints
Grosser GottSee Te Deum
  1. God in the Gospel of His Son
  2. Great God of Nations, Now to Thee
  3. O Israel, to Thy Tents Repair
Grosvenor (Wesley)Not a Thought of Earthly Things!
GuadalajaraThe city in Mexico.Take the Promise
GuadalupeGuadalupe Hidalgo, near Mexico City.O Blessèd, Blessèd Bible
GuadeloupeThe Caribbean island group.Angel in the Cloud, The
GuajomeHeavenly Voice, The
GuamThe Pacific island.Watchman, Tell Me
GuanajuatoThe city in Mexico.He Will Hide Me
GuangzhouThe city in China.In Loving Adoration
GuardianMy God, Permit Me Not to Be
Guardian AngelsAround the Throne of God a Band
GuayaquilThe city in Ecuador.Till the Day Break
Gud Faders Søn EnbaarneOnly Son from Heaven, The
Gud, Vår GudSwedish for God, Our God.Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Wesley)
Guds GodhetGud, Min Gud Och Fader Kär
Guds Menighed, SyngYe Lands, to the Lord Make a Jubilant Noise
GuernseyZion, on the Holy Hills
GuidanceShepherd, Show Me How to Go
  1. At the Birth of Christ Our King
  2. Darkness Overspreads Us Here
  3. Gather Up, O Earth, Thy Dead
  4. Hark! a Voice Divides the Sky
  5. Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide
  6. Jesus, Full of Love Divine
  7. Listen Peoples, While I Tell
  8. Lord, We Come Before Thee Now
  9. See, Another Year Is Gone
  10. To the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
GuildfordThe town in Surrey, England.Christ, Our Friend
GuildhallSee Sheltering Wing
GuimarãesThe city in north Portugal.Courts of the Lord, The
GuisboroughTo Thy Temple I Repair
GujaratThe Indian state.Lift the Cross
GulatiWon’t You Love the Precious Savior?
GunnersburyThe location in London.Like Gentle Dew
GunstonHymnist Isaac Watts’ friend Thomas Gunston (?–1700).Work for Jesus
Gute Bäume BringenChristian, Dost Thou See Them?
GuterhirtGerman for Good Shepherd; composer Michael Lonneke played the organ at Church of the Good Shepherd in Paris, Virginia.O Lord, My Inmost Heart and Thought
GüterslohThe city in Germany.Redemption (Crosby)
GuatemalaThe South American country.Are You Ready? (James)
GuayaberaOh, It Is Beautiful
GuerroThe Mexican state.Queen Esther
GwalchmaiThe town in Wales.
  1. Glory Be to God on High
  2. King of Glory, King of Peace
GweedoreThe parish in County Donegal, Ireland (Gaoth Dobhair).Author of Life Divine
GwennappSee Kent
GwylfaJust as I Am, Without One Plea