Scripture Verse

The Lord is risen indeed. Luke 24:34


Harriet M. Kimball

Words: Har­ri­et M. Kim­ball, Po­ems (Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts: An­son D. F. Ran­dolph, 1889), pag­es 118–19.

Music: Glad Day Will­iam W. Gil­christ, 1895 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

The Resurrection
Carl H. Bloch


Sing ye lowly, sing ye great,
With the Easter joy elate!
Christ the Lord is risen indeed;
Crown of hope for every need!

Poverty and wealth akin
In the piteous bond of sin,
Eager youth and anxious age
Bound on common pilgrimage;

One and all uplift the strain;
Christ our Savior lives again
Lives to set us free once more;
As we journey goes before.

All the way He maketh bright,
It was dark, but He is light;
It was weary, He is rest;
He our end as He our quest.

Wandering sinner, striving saint,
Prisoner hopeless of complaint,
Courage kindles now anew;
Christ the Lord is ris’n for you.

Lift your head, poor penitent,
Mercy is with judgment blent;
Christ is risen to bestow
Just the peace you long to know.

Mourner weeping at the tomb,
See how e’en the grave may bloom;
Where He lay what hopes were sown!
Make the harvest sweet your own.

For us men a man was He;
Never friend so close could be;
For us, helpless, He o’ercame;
We may conquer in His name.

For us mortal He divine,
Makes the way immortal shine;
With the Comforter bestows
Grace no life unquickened knows.

Death His flesh could not constrain;
Lord of Life He rose again;
God of God and Light of Light,
Sing His triumph, sing His might!