1833, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Feb­ru­a­ry 24, 1833, St. John the Bap­tist Church, Shore­ditch, Lon­don.

As of 1881, Gran­tham was vi­car of Llan­ba­doc, Mon­mouth­shire, Wales. Some of his work ap­peared in Carols for Use in Church, by Ri­chard Chope (London: Will­iam Clowes & Sons, 1894).

  1. Angel Hosts in Bright Ar­ray
  2. Arouse Thee, Her­od
  3. As Ma­ry Walked in the Gar­den Green
  4. Be Hushed, Ye Earth
  5. Christ! for Thee, with Sor­row
  6. Christmas Bells Are Ring­ing, The
  7. Deep the Gloom
  8. In the Star of Morn­ing
  9. Lo! God Is Gone Up
  10. Moonbeams Are Stream­ing
  11. Near the Tomb Where Je­sus
  12. Now Sing We a Strain of Joy
  13. Now Sound the Harp and Strike
  14. O! Come Ye Down to Ca­na
  15. Pearly Gates Aside Are Rolled, The
  16. Rich Gold from the Earth
  17. Rhyme, a Rhyme for East­er Time, A
  18. Shine Calm and Bright, Ye Moon­beams Light
  19. Shout of Migh­ty Tri­umph, A
  20. Song and a Ca­rol for Christ­mas­tide, A
  21. When the Crim­son Sun Had Set
  22. Winter Sun Was Set­ting, The
  1. Grantlam