Dora Greenwell

De­cem­ber 6, 1821, Greenwell Ford, Lanchester, Durham, Eng­land.

March 29, 1882, Clifton (near Bristol), Eng­land.

Arno’s Vale Ce­me­te­ry, Bristol, Eng­land.


Greenwell lived at the Ovingham Rectory, Northumberland (1848); Golborne Rectory, Lancashire; Durham (1854); and Clifton.

Her works in­clude:

After her death, William Dorling published Memoirs of Dora Greenwell (London: 1885)

  1. And Art Thou Come with Us to Dwell?
  2. I Am Not Skilled to Understand
  3. It Was for Me That Jesus Died
  4. Strong Words Are These, O Lord
  5. What Said He, Mary, unto Thee?