Ap­ril 13, 1836, New Hamp­ton, New Hamp­shire.

Feb­ru­a­ry 2, 1895, Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

For­est Hills Ce­me­te­ry, Ja­mai­ca Plain, Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.


Adoniram was the son of John Cal­vin Gor­don and Sal­ly Til­ton Ro­bin­son, and hus­band of Ma­ria T. Hale. He was named af­ter Bur­ma mis­sion­a­ry Ado­ni­ram Jud­son.

He at­tend­ed Brown Un­i­ver­si­ty and Ne­wton The­o­lo­gi­cal Se­mi­na­ry, and was or­dained a Bap­tist min­is­ter in 1863.

He served at the Bap­tist church in Ja­mai­ca Plain, Mas­sa­chu­setts, then at the Cla­ren­don Street Bap­tist Church in Bos­ton.

His works in­clude:

  1. Behold, O God, Thy Cho­sen Race
  2. Cast All Thy Care up­on the Lord
  3. Even So, Lord Je­sus, Come
  4. Good Morn­ing in Glo­ry
  5. He Shall Reign from Sea to Sea
  6. Help Me to Be Ho­ly
  7. I Do Be­lieve, I Now Be­lieve
  8. I Saw One Toil­ing in the Way
  9. I Shall See the King in His Beau­ty
  10. Night Is Fast Pass­ing, The
  11. O Bless­ed Par­a­clete
  12. O Church of Christ, Be­hold at Last
  13. O Ho­ly Ghost, Arise
  14. On Thy Bo­som Let Me Lean
  15. There Is a Land Far Out of Sight
  16. Thy Way and Not Mine
  17. Where Art Thou, Soul? I Hear God Say
  18. Ye Sad Watch Who Are Keep­ing
  1. Gordon
  2. In Ten­der­ness He Sought Me