RabatThe city in Morocco.Heavenly Race, The
RachelWhen Mother Love Makes All Things Bright
RachieThe composer’s niece Rachel.Hark! the Sounds of Singing
RacineO Thou, in All Thy Might so Far
RadfordDay Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended, The
Radiant MornRadiant Morn Hath Passed Away, The
RajasthanThe Indian state.Save Me from Sin
  1. Day of Rest Once More Comes Round, The
  2. Savior, We Now Rejoice in Hope
RakestrawAwake, O Lord, As in the Time of Old!
RaksirangThe town in southern Nepal.Hark! The Skies with Music Sound
Raleigh (Gilbert)Lord unto My Lord Thus Spake, The
Raleigh (Kirkpatrick)The city in North Carolina.In God’s Own Time
  1. Little That the Righteous Hold, A
  2. Thou Visiteth the Earth in Love
Ramoth (Calkin)The town in Gilead (1 Chronicles 6:73).Lord, to Thee Alone We Turn
RamsgillThe village in Yorkshire, England.Lord, in the Fullness of My Might
RangoonTrumpet of God, Sound High
RandeggerComposer Alberto RandeggerNow Let Us Sing the Angels’ Song
RandolphComposer Ralph Vaughan Williams’ cousin Ralph Wedgwood.God Be with You Till We Meet Again
Raphael (Hopkins) [St. Raphael]
  1. From Thy Habitation Holy
  2. Holy Savior, We Adore Thee
  3. In Thy Name, O Lord, Assembling
  4. Jesu, Lord of Life and Glory
Raphael (Oratory)
  1. Come, Let Us Join Our Songs of Praise
  2. Though Lowly Here Our Lot
Rapid CityThe city in South Dakota. Take My Hand, Father
Rapture (Scholefield)Saved, Saved
Rapture (Humphreys)O How Happy Are They

Also see Darwen

RathbunBeriah Rathbun, one of composer Ithamar Conkey’s faithful choir members at the Central Baptist Church, Norwich, Connecticut.
  1. ¡Gloria a Dios!
  2. Hark! Ten Thousand Voices Crying
  3. Hark! the Notes of Angels Singing
  4. Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices?
  5. In the Heavens the Lord Almighty
  6. In the Cross of Christ I Glory
  7. Oh, How Wondrous Is the Story
  8. Oh! My Soul, Bless Thou Jehovah!
  9. Savior, Visit Thy Plantation
  10. Shall This Life of Mine Be Wasted?
  11. Valley Lilies
RatisbonFormer name of Regensburg, Germany.
  1. Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies
  2. Christian, Wouldst Thou Boast Aright?
  3. God of Mercy, God of Grace
  4. We Believe in One True God
RavendaleFear Not, O Little Flock
RavenshawLord, Thy Word Abideth
RavensworthTake My Life and Let It Be
RawlinsSee Hainault
RayThou, Who Dwell’st Enthroned on High
RaynoldsSee Consolation (Mendelssohn)
ReapersFar and Near
RebeccaThe daughter of composer John M. Shenk.Come, Heaven-bound Pilgrims
RecifeThe city in Brazil.Out of the Shadow
Rector PotensLatin for powerful ruler.
  1. Hark, ’Tis the Holy Temple’s Bell
  2. Shine Forth, O Sun of Boundless Love
Red HookThe neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.Mine the Cross
Red OakThe city in Iowa.Heavy Laden, Sick with Sin
Red Wing SeminarySafely Through Another Week
RedalLord, Thou Hast Favor Shown Thy Land
  1. Morn’s Roseate Hues Have Decked the Sky
  2. Rosy Morn Has Robed the Sky, The
RedcliffeBe Thou Supreme
Redeemer (Emerson)Blest Is He Who Loves God’s Precepts
Redeemer (Loes)Blessed Redeemer (Christiansen)
Redeemer’s SongGood News for You
Redemption Ground
  1. Great Shepherd of Thine Israel
  2. Redemption Ground
  3. Who Hath Believed the Tidings?
Redemptor MundiO Come, Redeemer of Mankind
Redhead [Ajalon, Petra]
  1. By Thy Birth and by Thy Tears
  2. Go to Dark Gethsemane
  3. God, Be Merciful to Me
  4. Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me
  5. Mistful Are Our Waiting Eyes
  6. Savior, Prince of Israel’s Race
  7. Resting from His Work Today
  8. To Avert from Men God’s Wrath
Redhead No. 4See Paddington
Redhead No. 46Bright the Vision That Delighted
Redhead No. 66See Metzler’s Redhead
RedmondThe city in Washington state.Thou Who Canst Never Change Nor Fail
RednerComposer Lewis Redner.Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas Tonight!
RedondoI Praise Thy Name
ReedWelcome, Delightful Morn
Reeves [Timios]Composer Charles Reeves.Jesus, Precious Savior
RefugeJesus, Lover of My Soul
Regent SquareRegent Square Presbyterian Church, London, where composer Henry Smart was organist.
  1. All the Sacrifice Is Ended
  2. Angels from the Realm of Glory
  3. Christ Is Born, and Heaven Rejoices
  4. Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation
  5. God, the Lord, a King Remaineth
  6. Glory Be to God the Father
  7. He Who Suns and Worlds Upholdeth
  8. Holy Father, Great Creator
  9. Jesus, Blessèd Lord and Savior
  10. Light’s Abode, Celestial Salem
  11. Love Must Be Sincere and Honest
  12. Now Again the World Is Shaken
  13. Saints of God! The Dawn Is Brightening
Regnator OrbisSee O Quanta Qualia
ReichelsheimThe town in Germany’s Odenwald region.Oh, ’Twas Love
  1. How Blessed, from the Bonds of Sin
  2. Thy Word, O Lord, Like Gentle Dews
Reliance (Gower)When Thy Soldiers Take Their Swords
Reliance (Ladds)Strong Son of God, Immortal Love
Reliance (Wesley)Awake, O Lord, as in the Time of Old!
Remember MeSee Gethsemane (Hull)
Remember the PoorDay of the Lord Is at Hand, The
Remember Your Mother’s PrayerRemember Your Mother’s Prayer
RemsbergComposer W. L. Remsberg.Savior, I Have Need of Thee
  1. Established in the Highest Heavens
  2. Sin Has a Thousand Treacherous Arts
Rendez à Dieu [Navarre]French for return to God.
  1. Give Thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah
  2. When John Baptized by Jordan’s River
RenfieldWhen Hosannas Loud Resounding
RenoThe city in Nevada.Our Sunday School
ReoNow Plead My Cause, Almighty God
  1. Absent from Flesh! O Blissful Thought!
  2. Lord, Thou Hast Greatly Blessed Our Land
  3. Thy Word Sheds Light upon My Path
  4. When on the Cross, My Lord I See
Repose (Blackmer)After All, Eternity!
Repose (Harmonia)Thou Only Sovereign of My Heart

Also see Goethe

Repose (Holmes)I Take Thy Promise, Lord
Repose (Van Vleck)Blest Trinity, from Mortal Sight
ReptonDear Lord and Father of Mankind
RepublicO Lord, Our God, Thy Mighty Hand
RequestThy Spirit’s Might
  1. All Is O’er, the Pain, the Sorrow
  2. Thou to Whom the Sick and Dying
RequiesFather of Mercies! God of Love!
RequiescatNow the Laborer’s Task Is O’er
RescueRescue the Perishing
ResignationO God, We Have Heard
Resonet in LaudibusLatin for let our praises resound.Joseph Dearest
Rest (Beecher)When Winds Are Raging
Rest (Bradbury)
  1. Asleep in Jesus
  2. Comfort, Ye Ministers of Grace
  3. Lord Has Heard and Answered Prayer, The
  4. Lord, When Thine Israel We Survey
  5. My Righteous God, Who Oft of Old
  6. O Thou, Who All Things Canst Control
  7. To Thee Before the Close of Day
Rest (Maker)
  1. Blood of Christ, Thy Spotless Lamb, The
  2. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
  3. O Thou Whose Gracious Presence Blest
Rest (Stainer) [Magdalen]
  1. None Else but Thee, Forevermore
  2. We Sing His Love, Who Once Was Slain
Rest in JesusRest in Jesus
Resting PlaceI Bow My Forehead to the Dust
Restoration (with refrain)
  1. Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy
  2. What This Host?
Restoration (no refrain)God, Renew Us by Your Spirit!
Resurgenti NazarenoIn One True God We All Believe
ResurrectionLord of Life Is Risen, The
Resurrection MornOn the Resurrection Morning
ResurrexitChrist Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!
RetirementSee Harington
RetreatThe last word of the third line in From Every Stormy Wind.
  1. Another Six Days’ Work Is Done
  2. From Every Stormy Wind
  3. We Bless the Name of Christ, the Lord
Return (Monk)Return, O Wanderer, to Thy Home
Return (Squires)
  1. It Is the Lord Our Savior’s Hand
  2. Return, O Wanderer, Return
  3. Return to Bless My Waiting Eyes
  4. Thanksgiving, The

Also see Invitation.

ReubenThe tribe of Israel.He Lives Again (Smith)
  1. God’s Word Is Our Great Heritage
  2. Our Lord and God, Oh, Bless This Day
Reva FallsThe waterfall in Ontario, Canada.Hark! The Angels Bright Are Singing
RevivalMy God Will Add the Rest
Revive Us AgainRevive Us Again
Reviving LightHow Heavy Is the Night
Rex GloriaeLift the Strain of High Thanksgiving
Rex Gloriose
  1. Lamb’s High Banquet We Await, The
  2. O Glorious King of Martyr Hosts
Rex Gloriose MartyrumLatin for King of glorious martyrs.Let All on Earth Their Voices Raise
Rex MaximusHelp Us, O Jesus, Thou Mighty Defender
Rex RegumLatin for King of kings.
  1. And Let This Feeble Body Fail
  2. O King of Kings, O Lord of Hosts
Rex TerrarumLatin for King of the world.O King of Earth and Air and Sea!
ReynoldsSee Consolation (Mendelssohn)
ReynoldstoneDay of Wrath, O Dreadful Day!
RhineSee Emmons
RhiwStill with Thee, O My God
  1. Another Day Begun
  2. Did Christ O’er Sinners Weep
  3. Why Dost Thou Stand Afar
Rhosymedre [Lovely]Composer John Edwards’ vicarage in Ruabon, North Wales.Arise O God, and Shine
RhuddlanJudge Eternal, Throned in Splendor
RhyddidSometimes a Light Surprises
RialtoThe theater district in New York City, where composer George Root worked for some years.Jehovah Sits Enthroned
Richmond (Everett)Jesus, My Strength, My Hope
Richmond (Haweis) [Chesterfield, Spa Fields Chapel]Anglican cleric Leigh Richmond.
  1. Attend, Mine Ear
  2. Behold Thy Waiting Servant, Lord
  3. Blest Day of God, Most Calm, Most Bright
  4. City of God, How Broad and Far
  5. How Few Receive with Cordial Faith
  6. In Judah’s Rugged Wilderness
  7. Let Us Adore the Grace That Seeks
  8. Lord, if Thine Eye Surveys Our Faults
  9. My God, the Spring of All My Joys
  10. O for a Heart to Praise My God
  11. O for a Shout of Sacred Joy
  12. O Lord, I Will Delight in Thee
  13. Remark, My Soul, the Narrow Bounds
  14. To Jordan’s Stream the Savior Goes
  15. Walk in the Light
  16. What Shall I Do, My God to Love
Richmond ParkThe park in London.Thou Hast Redeemed Me
RickmanHymnist Ernest Rickman.There Is a Calm
RideauO Eyes That Are Weary
RighiniComposer Vincenzo Righini.Rise, Glorious Conqueror
RimingtonThe birthplace of composer Francis Duckworth in Yorkshire, England.Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Way
RiminiThe Italian province.Why Waitest Thou?
RileyO Jehovah, Hear My Words
RineyChoral director Cecil J. Riney, Professor Emeritus (Retired) at Friends University, Wichita, Kansas.O Blessèd Jesus! This
Ring the BellsRing the Bells of Heaven
Ringe Recht
  1. Lamb of God, We Fall Before Thee
  2. Lord, Thy Mercy Now Entreating
  3. Strive Aright When God Doth Call
RinglandAway with Our Fears!
Rio de JaneiroThe city in Brazil.Strike Our Tents
Rio GrandeThe river between Texas and Mexico.Man the Life-Boat!
  1. Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah
  2. We Believe in God the Father
RipponJohn Rippon.Ím Sziklaszilárd, Órók És Jó Alap

Also see Protection

RiseholmeA fictional Elizabethan village in the Cotswolds in the Lucia novels of Edward Frederic Benson (1867–1940).
  1. Father of All, from Land and Sea
  2. Thy Will Is Done
RistadHymn translator Ditlef Ristad.I Walk in Danger All the Way
  1. Father of Heaven
  2. O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
  3. When Darkness Long Has Veiled My Mind
  4. Wherewith, O Lord, Shall I Draw Near?
River CityNickname for Omaha, Nebraska.Come to the Master
River of LifeFresh from the Throne of Glory
RiveraAwake the Trumpet’s Lofty Sound
Riverside (Kirkpatrick)The city in California.Hear and Answer Prayer
Riverside (Sellers)While Time Is Spent
RivieraThe coastal region in southern France.Nearer Home
Riyadh [Crimson Tide]The city in Saudi Arabia.Precious Blood
RoanokeThe city in Virginia.Redeemed and Saved
Robin AdairJesus, My All
RobinsonI Have Followed Truth and Justice
RochelleSee Seelenbräutigam
Rochester (Williams)Thought of God, The

Also see Novello

Rochester (Holdroyd)
  1. Come, Children, Learn to Fear the Lord
  2. Not to the Terrors of the Lord
Rock, TheIn the Shadow of the Rock
Rock of Ages [Illuminatio]From the Cross
Rock of Refuge, TheO Sometimes the Shadows Are Deep
Rock HillThe city in South Carolina.Never Grow Old (Baily)

Sweet Is the Work, My God, My King

Also see Forest.

RockfordThe city in Illinois.As with Gladness, Men of Old
Rockingham (Mason) [Gravity, Rockingham New]
  1. My Opening Eyes with Rapture See
  2. Now I Resolve with All My Heart
  3. Of Him Who Did Salvation Bring
Rockingham (Miller)
  1. Almighty Father, Hear Our Cry
  2. And Will the Great Eternal God
  3. Eternal Power, Whose High Abode
  4. My God, My King, Thy Various Praise
  5. My God, Thy Table Now Is Spread
  6. Not Here, as to the Prophet’s Eye
  7. O Lord Most High
  8. Remember, Lord, Our Mortal State
  9. Since with My God with Perfect Heart
  10. Thy Presence, Gracious God, Afford
  11. To God My Earnest Voice I Raise
  12. ��Twas on That Night When Doomed to Know
RockportVain, Delusive World, Adieu
RodmanHeir of the Kingdom
RodmellThe village in East Sussex, England.When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem
RogersComposer William Rogers.Calm on the Listening Ear of Night
RolandLet the Whole Creation Cry
RollandIncarnate God! What Tongue Can Tell
RombergEnthroned on High, Almighty Lord!
RomeLamp of Our Feet
RömerstrasseThe street in Heidelberg, Germany.Almost (Bilhorn)
RomfordThe town in the London borough of Havering, where composer Arthur Brown was once organist at St. Edward’s Church.Arise and Hail the Sacred Day
RomingerHymnist Charles Rominger.Thou Art, O Christ, the Light and Life
Room for JesusHave You Any Room for Jesus?
RosarioThe city in Argentina.Savior Is Risen for You and for Me, The
Rose HillWhy Will Ye Waste on Trifling Cares
RosebankGod Eternal, Lord of All
RosedaleShall Man, O God of Light and Life
Roseate HuesO Jesus, Crowned with All Renown
RosecransComposer James Rosecrans.I’ll Trust the Lord
  1. Blessèd Are the Sons of God
  2. Hearts of Stone, Relent, Relent
  3. They That Traffic on the Sea
  4. Weary Souls, That Wander Wide
RosepineThe town in Vernon Parish, Louisiana.Lift Up Thine Eyes, O Watchman
RosmoreFrom the Eastern Mountains
RossAs the Sun Doth Daily Rise
RossettiNone Other Lamb
RosslynIn Our Work and in Our Play
Rothley [Dona]
  1. Give Light, O Lord
  2. Guest Chamber, The
Rothwell (Tans’ur)
  1. Earth’s Transitory Things Decay
  2. He Lives! the Great Redeemer Lives!
RotterdamThe city in Holland.Light Along the Ages, The
RouenThe city in France.When on My Day of Life
Rouen (Gounod) [Redemption]The city in France.Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending
Round RockThe city in Texas.Let Me Go
Rousseau Hark! The Gospel News Is Sounding
RowlandSee Humility (Tuckerman)
RowleyO How Happy Are They Who the Savior Obey
Royal OakAll Things Bright and Beautiful
RoyapettahThe area in Chennai, India.Satisfied with Jesus (Masters)
RuebushComposer James H. Ruebush.He Set the Task for Me
RugglesThe Ruggles Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts.O Short Was His Slumber
RuhetagThis Day in Jesus’ Name We Meet
RuizMi Amor y Vida
RunyanBehold, the Dawn!
RuskinI Sing the Mighty Power of God
RusperCome Unto Me, Ye Weary (Dix)
  1. Come, Let Us Sing the Song of Songs
  2. As Once the Savior Rose on High
Russian Hymn
  1. Christ the Theme of Song in All Ages
  2. Glorious Yuletide
  3. God, the Omnipotent!
  4. God Save America
RustingtonSee, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph
RutgersThe university in New Brunswick, New Jersey.My God and Father! While I Stray
Ruth (Hartshorn)Thy Tender Mercies, O My Lord
Ruth (Smith)
  1. God’s Free Mercy Streameth
  2. Summer Suns Are Glowing
Ruth (Webster)O for a Closer Walk with God
RutherfordScottish martyr Samuel Rutherford (1600–1661).
  1. How Blest Is He Whose Trespass
  2. O Lamb of God, Still Keep Me
  3. Sands of Time Are Sinking, The
RyleHymnist John Ryle.Good News (Ryle)