The Father…the Son…and…the Holy Ghost.@Matthew 28:19
Jean B. de Santeüil (1630–1697)

Jean B. de Santeüil, in the Paris Breviary, 1680 (O Luce Quae Tuâ Lates). Translated from Latin to English by Henry W. Baker; his translation appeared in the trial edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1859, and in the first edition, 1861, but was omitted from the 1875 revised edition.

Woodworth William B. Bradbury, Mendelssohn Collection, or Third Book of Psalmody (New York: 1849) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Henry W. Baker (1821–1877)

Blest Trinity! from mortal sight
Veiled in Thine own eternal Light!
We Thee confess, in Thee believe;
To Thee with loving hearts we cleave.

O Father! Thou Most Holy One!
O God of God! Eternal Son!
O Holy Ghost! Thou Love divine!
To join Them both is ever Thine.

The Father is in God the Son,
And with the Father He is One;
In both the Spirit doth abide,
And with Them both is glorified.

Eternal Father! Thee we praise;
To Thee, O Son! our hymns we raise;
O Holy Ghost! we Thee adore!
One mighty God, for evermore!