Au­gust 3, 1843, Berne, New York.

Feb­ru­a­ry 18, 1926, Break­a­been, New York.

Break­a­been Ce­me­te­ry, Break­a­been, New York.


Rosecrans stu­died at the Bax­ter Un­i­ver­si­ty of Mu­sic in Friend­ship, New York.

After teach­ing for two years, he joined the Fill­more Bro­thers Mu­sic House in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio. As of 1880, he was teach­ing mu­sic in Doug­las Coun­ty, Co­lo­ra­do.

In 1884, he was an evan­gel­ist in Ca­li­for­nia, and lat­er was as­so­ci­at­ed with ev­an­gel­is­tic ef­forts in Tex­as, and taught mu­sic and Bi­ble at Car­lton Col­lege in Bon­ham, Tex­as.

He pub­lished ov­er 20 mu­sic col­lect­ions in his life­time. His works in­clude:

  1. All for Je­sus
  2. Blessings ov­er There
  3. By the Faith of the Blest
  4. Children, Hear the Sav­ior Call­ing
  5. Every Hour of Ev­ery Day
  6. Flowing Foun­tain, The
  7. Happy Lit­tle Child­ren
  8. Have You Heard the Sweet Sto­ry of Je­sus?
  9. I Gave My Life for Thee
  10. Like Je­sus
  11. Sweet Were the Tears That Once Shed
  12. Take the Praise We Bring Thee, Lord
  13. Bible, the Bi­ble, from Hea­ven, The
  14. ’Tis Sweet to Know the Way Is Bright
  15. We Have En­tered the King­dom of Light
  16. Ever Bless­èd Sav­ior
  17. Welcome for All, A
  18. What Can I Do?
  19. Work, Child­ren, Work
  1. Bonham
  2. Brazos
  3. Ferrara
  4. Fields Are White (Shee­leigh), The
  5. He Is Ris­en
  6. Holmby Hills
  7. Jesus Is Call­ing To­day
  8. Little Feet, Be Care­ful
  9. Maricopa
  10. My New Name
  11. Nigeria
  12. Olvera Street
  13. Redondo
  14. Ring the Christ­mas Bells Again
  15. Rock and the Sand, The
  16. Rosecrans
  17. Saipan
  18. San An­dre­as
  19. Saskatchewan
  20. Shoreline
  21. There Is a Ha­bi­ta­tion
  22. Waiting to Wel­come Us There
  23. We Wait His Com­ing
  24. What a Morn­ing That Will Be