Au­gust 3, 1843, Berne, New York.

Feb­ru­a­ry 18, 1926, Break­a­been, New York.

Break­a­been Ce­me­te­ry, Break­a­been, New York.


Rosecrans studied at the Baxter Un­i­ver­si­ty of Music in Friendship, New York. After teaching for two years, he joined the Fill­more Bro­thers Music House in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio. As of 1880, he was teaching music in Douglas County, Colorado. In 1884, was an evangelist in California, and later was associated with evangelistic efforts in Texas, and taught music and Bible at Carlton College in Bonham, Texas. He published over 20 music collections in his lifetime. His works in­clude:

  1. All for Jesus
  2. Blessings over There
  3. By the Faith of the Blest
  4. Children, Hear the Savior Calling
  5. Every Hour of Every Day
  6. Flowing Foun­tain, The
  7. Happy Little Children
  8. Have You Heard the Sweet Story of Jesus?
  9. I Gave My Life for Thee
  10. Like Jesus
  11. Sweet Were the Tears That Once Shed
  12. Take the Praise We Bring Thee, Lord
  13. Bible, the Bible, from Heaven, The
  14. ’Tis Sweet to Know the Way Is Bright
  15. We Have Entered the Kingdom of Light
  16. Ever Blessèd Savior
  17. Welcome for All, A
  18. What Can I Do?
  19. Work, Children, Work
  1. Bonham
  2. Brazos
  3. Ferrara
  4. Fields Are White (Sheeleigh), The
  5. He Is Risen
  6. Holmby Hills
  7. Jesus Is Calling Today
  8. Little Feet, Be Careful
  9. Maricopa
  10. My New Name
  11. Nigeria
  12. Olvera Street
  13. Redondo
  14. Ring the Christmas Bells Again
  15. Rock and the Sand, The
  16. Rosecrans
  17. Saipan
  18. San Andreas
  19. Saskatchewan
  20. Shoreline
  21. There Is a Habitation
  22. Waiting to Welcome Us There
  23. We Wait His Coming
  24. What a Morning That Will Be