Scripture Verse

I will praise Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart. Psalm 9:1


Karl P. E. Bach (1714–1788)

Words: From The New Me­tri­cal Ver­sion of the Psalms (Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­van­ia: Unit­ed Pres­by­ter­ian Board of Pub­li­ca­tion, 1909), page 15.

Music: Rock­ing­ham (Mill­er) Karl P. E. Bach (1714–1788). Ar­ranged by Ed­ward Mill­er, 1790 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Edward Miller (1735–1807)
National Portrait Gallery



O Lord most high, with all my heart
Thy wondrous works I will pro­claim;
I will be glad and give Thee thanks
And sing the praises of Thy name.

The Lord, the ev­er­last­ing King,
Is seated on His judg­ment throne;
The righteous Judge of all the world
Will make His perfect justice known.

Jehovah will a refuge prove,
A refuge strong for all oppressed,
A safe retreat, where weary souls
In troublous times may surely rest.

All they, O Lord, that know Thy name
Their confidence in Thee will place,
For Thou hast ne’er forsaken them
Who earnestly have sought Thy face.

Sing praises to the Lord most high;
To Him who doth in Zion dwell;
Declare His mighty deeds abroad,
His deeds among the nations tell.