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Oc­to­ber 30, 1735, Nor­wich, Eng­land.

Sep­temb­er 12, 1807, Don­cas­ter, South York­shire, Eng­land.

St. George’s Church, Don­cas­ter.

Miller was ap­pren­ticed to his fa­ther, a pavior (a lay­er of pav­ing stones and the like), but ran away to stu­dy mu­sic. He is said to have been flaut­ist in Han­del’s or­che­stra at one time.

He played the or­gan for 50 years at Don­cas­ter Church, and com­posed hymn tunes and harp­si­chord so­na­tas. Cam­bridge Un­i­ver­si­ty award­ed him a doc­tor­ate de­gree in 1786. His works in­clude:

  1. Galway
  2. Rockingham