Scripture Verse

Thou hast ascended on high. Psalm 68:18


Berthold Tours (1838–1897)

Words: Will­iam G. Tar­rant, 1890.

Music: Rot­ter­dam Ber­thold Tours, 1875 (🔊 pdf nwc).

William G. Tarrant (1853–1928)


The light along the ages
Shines higher as it goes;
From age to age more glo­ri­ous
Its radiant splendor grows.
Man’s life, begun so lowly,
Now soars to Hea­ven above,
To share in life eter­nal
The joys of endless love.

But every gift surpassing,
This wondrous gift we own—
The Son of Man is ris­en
To dwell before Thy throne.
Wherever goodness reigneth
The soul of Christ lives on,
And every Christlike spirit
Shall rise where He hath gone.