Tune NameNamed AfterUsed By
NaamanThe Syr­i­an who was healed of lep­ro­sy (2 Kings 5).Honor and Glo­ry, Thanks­giv­ing and Praise
NachtliedGerman for night song.
  1. Day Is Gently Sink­ing to a Close, The
  2. I Dared Not Hope
  3. Through Love to Light
NacimientoSpanish for birth.Come to Our Poor Na­ture’s Night
NadderwaterThe town near Ex­e­ter, Eng­land.I Love My God
NagoyaThe Ja­pan­ese ci­ty.O to Be Like Him
NagpurThe In­di­an ci­ty.We Wait for Thee, O Glo­ri­ous One
NainToday the Sav­ior Calls
NairobiThe Ken­yan ci­ty.He Shields from the Storms of Life
NamaanThe or­a­tor­io by com­pos­er Mi­chael Co­sta.Honor and Glo­ry, Thanks­giv­ing and Praise
NampoThe Ko­re­an ci­ty.Now Be­gin the Heav’n­ly Theme
NanjingThe Chi­nese ci­ty.Soon the Sum­mer Will be End­ed
NantesThe French ci­ty.Music in the Soul
  1. And Is This Life Pro­longed to Me?
  2. Death! ’Tis a Mel­an­cho­ly Day
  3. Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee
  4. Father, Whate’er of Earth­ly Bliss
  5. O Lord, Give Ear When with My Voice
  6. Holy Air Is Breath­ing Round, A
  7. In Thee, O Lord, I Put My Trust
  8. Now from the Al­tar of My Heart
  9. Out of the Depths to Thee I Cry
  10. Spirit of Ho­li­ness, Des­cend
  11. Thy Home Is with the Hum­ble, Lord
  12. When Christ in Judg­ment Shall Des­cend
  13. When I Sur­vey Life’s Var­ied Scene
NapaThe Ca­li­for­nia valley.Anniversary Song
NapervilleThe Il­li­nois ci­ty.In a Man­ger Laid
Naphtali [Leslie]The Is­rael­ite tribe.O Thou That Hear­est Pray­er
NaplesThe Ital­i­an ci­ty.
  1. Easter Ca­rol (Bar­ton)
  2. Jesu, Sol­ace of My Soul
NapoliThe Ital­i­an ci­ty.Lord Is My Shep­herd (John­ston), The
NarbonneThe com­mune in south­ern France.Come to the Man­ger (Mor­ton)
NarenzaThe for­mer ca­pi­tal of Dal­ma­tia. Al­so known as Na­ren­ta.
  1. All Must at Length Be Tried
  2. Ye Ser­vants of the Lord
NaritaThe ci­ty in Chi­ba Pre­fect­ure, Ja­pan.Alone with Jesus, ’Tis So Sweet
NashikThe In­di­an ci­ty.Faint, Yet Pur­su­ing (Banks)
NashvilleThe Ten­nes­see city.How Love­ly Are Thy Tents, O Lord
Nassau (Hast­ings)Angel Choirs in Ac­cents Sweet
Nassau (Ro­sen­müll­er)
  1. Righteous Lord, Thy Peo­ple Spare!
  2. Till He Come
NatchitochesThe Lou­i­si­a­na parish.God Holds the Key
National Hymn
  1. God of Our Fa­thers
  2. Heralds of Christ
  3. Rise, Crowned with Light
  1. Behold My Ser­vant! See Him Rise
  2. Blest Be the Ev­er­last­ing God
  3. Jesus, Let All Thy Lov­ers Shine
  4. Now Shall My Sol­emn Vows Be Paid
  5. Sing We the Song
  6. Workman of God
Nativity NewAll My Heart This Night Re­joic­es
Nature’s VoiceMy God, My King, Thy Praise I Sing
NaugatuckThe Con­nec­ti­cut town.Kept
NaulNo War nor Bat­tle’s Sound
Nauman (Me­lo­dist)How Blest the Child­ren of the Lord
NaytonBlest Are the Pure, Whose Hearts Are Clean
NazarethLord Up­holds the Fal­ter­ing Feet, The
NazreyWe’ll Praise the Lord, for He Is Great
N. BarringtonThe town of North Bar­ring­ton, Il­li­nois.Enslaved by Sin and Bound in Chains
Ne Derelinquas MeLatin for do not for­sake me.Jesus, Wher­e’er Thy Peo­ple Meet
NealeGod the Fa­ther! Whose Cre­a­tion
NeanderSee Un­ser Herr­scher
Near the Cross
  1. Jesus, Save Me Through and Through
  2. Near the Cross
Nearer Home
  1. Above Yon Clear Blue Sky
  2. In Every Time and Place
  3. Servant of God, Well Done!
  4. Sure There’s a Right­eous God
Nearer to TheeMore Love to Thee, O Christ
NebraskaNight Is Far Spent, The
NeedO Jesus, Lord Most Mer­ci­ful
NenthornNearer, My God, to Thee
NepalThe Asian coun­try.Law and the Gos­pel, The
NestlingLord Is in His Ho­ly Place, The
NettlehamThe vil­lage in Lin­col­nshire, Eng­land.My Heart Is Rest­ing, O My God
Nettleton18th Cen­tu­ry Amer­i­can evan­gel­ist As­a­hel Net­tle­ton.
  1. Come, Thou Fount of Ev­ery Bless­ing
  2. Long Ago, When Pha­raoh’s Daugh­ter
  3. Lord, a Ves­sel Thou has Fa­shioned
  4. When the Storms of Life Sur­round Me
NeumarkComposer Ge­org Neu­mark.
  1. Abide with Us, the Day Is Wan­ing
  2. Arise, My Soul, This New Year’s Morn­ing
  3. If You Will On­ly Let God Guide You
  4. O Lord of Hosts, All Heav­en Pos­ses­sing
NeumeisterChrist Re­ceiv­eth Sin­ful Men
NeuquénThe Ar­gen­ti­ni­an ci­ty.Like a Shep­herd
NeuschwansteinThe Ba­var­i­an cas­tle.Arouse Ye, Awake!
Nevado del Ru­izThe Co­lom­bi­an vol­ca­no.Two Ways (Rhodes), The
NevisThe Car­ib­be­an is­land.In the Home Above
Nevin’s Pro­ces­sion­alCrown Him with Ma­ny Crowns
New 113thThou Art, O God, the Life and Light
New Braunf­elsThe Tex­as ci­ty.
  1. Sunday School Teach­er’s Re­ward, The
  2. Thou Art Gone to the Grave
New Bri­tain [Mc­In­tosh]Possibly New Bri­tain, Con­nec­ti­cut. See Amaz­ing Grace for more de­tails.
  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Awake, Ye Saints; to Praise Your King
  3. Hark! Hear the Sound
  4. O All Ye Na­tions, Praise the Lord
New Brun­swickThe Ca­na­di­an pro­vince.Wake the Joy­ful Ech­oes
New Cal­a­barThe for­mer Eur­o­pean trad­ing post & town in the Ni­ger Del­ta of Ni­ger­ia.
  1. Hark! The Dis­tant Isles Pro­claim
  2. Now the Lord Our Souls Has Fed
New Del­hiThe In­di­an ci­ty.Have Faith in God
New Ha­venBlest Sav­ior, Near to Thee
New Hope (Da­vis­son)Marching to Zi­on
New Je­ru­sa­lemNew Je­ru­sa­lem, The
New Or­leansThe Lou­i­si­a­na ci­ty.Whatever He Would Like
New RadnorWisdom As­cribe, and Might and Praise
New Ro­chelleThe city in New York.Get Back to the Bi­ble
New Sab­bathJesu, My Sav­ior, Bro­ther, Friend
New South WalesThe Aus­tral­i­an state.Does the Lord Aff­lict His Chos­en?
New St. An­drewHoly, Ho­ly, Ho­ly Lord God of Hosts
New UlmLord, Dis­miss Us with Thy Bless­ing
New Un­ionAttend, Ye Saints
New WorldAntonín Dvoř­ák’s 9th, or New World Sym­pho­ny. So named be­cause he wrote it while in Am­er­i­ca (the New World).There Is One Whom I Love
New YearNow a New Year Opens
New Year, The [Val­or]Standing at the Por­tal
New Year’s DayHouse of Our God
New YorkO Lord of Hosts, Al­migh­ty King
New York TuneUnshaken as the Sac­red Hill
New Zea­landWinter Is Com­ing
NewboldAlmighty Spir­it, Now Be­hold
NewburyMaker of the Sun and Moon, The
Newbury (Haydn)Lo, God, Our God, Has Come!
Newcastle (Ev­er­ett)Prayer Is the Soul’s Sin­cere De­sire
Newcastle (Mor­ley)
  1. Eternal Light
  2. O Savior, Where Shall Guil­ty Man
NewfoundlandThe Ca­na­di­an prov­ince.It Is Wait­ing There for Me!
NewhavenSee Lu­ton
NewingtonLet My Life Be Hid in Thee
Newkirk [Tri­umph]
  1. Glad Was the Mes­sage
  2. Joyfully, Joy­ful­ly, On­ward I Move
Newland (Arm­strong)Do No Sin­ful Ac­tion
Newland (Gaunt­lett)I Hear the Words of Love
NewmanComposer Ri­chard New­man.We Sing a Lov­ing Je­sus
NewmarketThe Vir­gi­nia ci­ty.In the Fa­mi­ly of God
Newport BeachThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.God’s School
Newport NewsThe Vir­gin­ia ci­ty.Angel Hosts in Bright Ar­ray
NewrySee Duke Street
NewsWhat’s the News?
NewtonSee Sil­ver Street
Newton FernsGod, My King, Thy Might Con­fess­ing
NiagaraLord Is King!, The
Niagara FallsThe wa­ter­fall on the Amer­i­can-Ca­na­di­an bor­der.Hide Me (Bow­yer)
NicaeaThe coun­cil held at Ni­caea (pre­sent day İz­nik, Tu­rkey) in 325 AD, where the Chris­tian church firm­ly doc­u­ment­ed its be­lief in the Tri­ni­ty (see the Ni­cene Creed).
  1. Bring, O Morn, Thy Mu­sic
  2. Father, Thou Art Call­ing
  3. God Is King For­ev­er
  4. God Most High, We Praise You
  5. Holy, Ho­ly, Ho­ly
  6. Holy, Holy, Holy! God of Grace and Glo­ry!
Nicht so trau­rigGerman for not so sad­ly.Veiled in Dark­ness Ju­dah Lay
NicobarThe In­di­an Ocean is­land chain.O Glad and Glor­ious Gos­pel
NiedersachsenThe Ger­man state.Faithful to Je­sus
Nii­ga­taThe Ja­pa­nese ci­ty.I Can­not Al­ways See the Way
NigeriaThe Af­ri­can na­tion.
  1. In the Morn­ing (Pet­tus)
  2. Praise the Re­deem­er
NightfallNow God Be with Us
NijmegenThe Dutch ci­ty.Conflict with Self
NillenMy Spir­it Longs for Thee
  1. My Bless­èd Sav­ior, Is Thy Love
  2. Praise God the Lord, Ye Sons of Men

Also see Lobt Gott ihr Chris­ten

NilusThou, Lord, Hast Dealt Well with Thy Ser­vant
NîmesThe French ci­ty.Silence of Faith, The
Nims LakeThe lake in Saint Fran­cois County, Mis­sou­ri, named af­ter Eu­gene D. Nims, found­er of the South­west­ern Bell Tel­e­phone Com­pa­ny.O Church of God Tri­umph­ant
Ninety-FifthThis Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
Ninety-ThirdMy Sav­ior and My King
NinevehThe As­syr­i­an ci­ty.From the Deeps, to Thee, O Lord
No King but ChristNo King but Christ
No Sor­row ThereSee Dun­bar
NoahThe build­er of the ark.Behold the Love­ly Spring­time
NocturnJehovah Reigns, Let Earth Be Glad
Noel [Ger­ard]Hymnist Ger­ard No­el.
  1. I Will Ex­tol Thee, O My God
  2. If Hu­man Kind­ness Meets Re­turn
  3. Thousand Years Have Come and Gone, A
Nöel Nou­ve­letSing We Now of Chris­tmas
NogalesThe Mex­i­can ci­ty.Blessèd Sto­ry, The
Nomen Ter­sanc­tumLatin for thrice ho­ly name.Thrice-Ho­ly Name!
None but ChristNone but Christ
NoordThe town in Aru­ba.God Is with Us
NorcrossThe Geor­gia ci­ty.Lamp of Our Feet
NördlingenThe Ger­man ci­ty.Bring the East­er Li­lies
Norfolk ParkSavior, Bless­èd Sav­ior
NoricumFor the Beau­ty of the Earth
NormanNone Oth­er Lamb
NormanbyAnd Must I Part with All I Have?
Normandy (Bost)Christ Is Com­ing (Child­ress)
Normandy Ca­rolWhen Wise Men Came Seek­ing
NorrköpingThe Swed­ish ci­ty.Bred Di­na Vi­ta Vin­gar
North CoatesThe par­ish in Lin­coln­shire, Eng­land, where com­pos­er Ti­mo­thy Mat­thews was rec­tor.
  1. Gentle, Ho­ly Je­sus
  2. Jesus, High in Glo­ry
  3. O My Sav­ior, Lift­ed
North Is­landThe New Zea­land is­land.Lord of Life
North ParkThe un­i­ver­si­ty in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.Upper Win­dow, The
North PlatteThe Ne­bras­ka town.On the Glo­ry Side
NorthfieldThe Mas­sa­chu­setts town.Currently un­used (score)
NorthmoorThe road in Ox­ford, Eng­land.Once More, with Songs of Rap­ture
NorthreppsThe vil­lage in Nor­folk, En­gland.
  1. O God, Who Work­est Hi­ther­to
  2. There Is an Eye That Ne­ver Sleeps
  3. We Bless Thee for Thy Peace, O God
NorthridgeThe neigh­bor­hood in Los An­ge­les, Ca­li­for­nia.Precious Bi­ble! What a Store
NorthumberlandThe Eng­lish coun­ty.Why Un­be­liev­ing?
NorwichOnce More, O Lord, Thy Sign

Also see Old 137Th

Norwich (Ma­son)Sinner, Art Thou Still Se­cure?
NorwoodSee Redhead
Notre DameThe ca­thed­ral in Pa­ris, France.Near To­mor­row, The
NottinghamO My Sav­ior, Glo­ri­fied

Also see St. Mag­nus

Nova ScotiaThe Ca­na­di­an prov­ince.Tell It with Glad­ness
NovaruptaThe Al­as­kan vol­ca­no.Come to Je­sus, Come To­day (Wil­son)
NovatoThe Ca­li­for­nia ci­ty.Labor While We May
Novello [Ro­ches­ter]Composer Vin­cent No­vel­lo.Lord Hath Spoke, the Migh­ty God, The
Novi SadThe Ser­bi­an ci­ty.In the Bless­èd Bi­ble
NovosibirskRussian for New Si­be­ria.How Love to Speak for Je­sus
Now from His Cra­dleNow from His Cra­dle
Nox Prae­ces­sitLatin for the night ad­vanc­es (the Vulg­ate trans­la­tion of Ro­mans 13:12).
  1. My Span of Life Will Soon Be Done
  2. O Son of Man
  3. Sinners, the Voice of God Re­gard
Nu Er Frel­sens Dag Op­run­detThou, Whose Com­ing Seers and Sag­es
Nu Rinder So­len OpSun Aris­es Now, The
Nuevo Le­ónThe Mex­i­can state.Hark! The Sound of An­gel Voic­es
NukapuThou Who Sent­est Thine Apos­tles
NummelaThe Fin­nish ci­ty.There’s No One Like My Sav­ior
Nun bit­ten wirGerman for now we ask.We Now Im­plore God the Ho­ly Ghost
Nun dank­et [Wit­ten­burg]German for now we thank.
  1. Du groß­er Schmerz­ens­mann
  2. Let All Men Praise the Lord
  3. Lord God, We Wor­ship Thee
  4. Now Bless the God of All
  5. Now Thank We All Our God
Nun freut euch [Lu­ther’s Hymn]German for now be joy­ful.
  1. Day Must Come, the Judg­ment Day, The
  2. Dear Chris­tian People All, Re­joice
  3. Great God, What Do I See and Hear?
  4. If Thy Be­lov­èd Son, O God
  5. Lord Over All, If Thou Hast Made
  6. Mouth of Fools Doth God Con­fess, The
  7. O Lord, Our Fa­ther, Thanks to Thee
  8. Oh Wouldst Thou in Thy Glo­ry Come
  9. Thou, Je­sus Christ, Didst Man Be­come
  10. Thou Judge by Whom Each Em­pire Fell
  11. We Come un­to Our Fa­thers’ God
  12. When My Last Hour Is Close at Hand
Nun kommGerman for now come.
  1. John in Vi­sion Saw the Day
  2. Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord
  3. Nun komm, der Heid­en Hei­land
  4. Savior of the Hea­then, Known
  5. Savior of the Na­tions, Come
Nun lasst uns geh’nGerman for now let us go.Servant of God, Re­mem­ber
Nun lasst uns Gott dem Herr­enGerman for Now let us God the Lord.
  1. Brighter Dawn Is Break­ing, A
  2. In Pray­er Your Voic­es Raise Ye
  3. Now Let Us Come Be­fore Him
Nun lobGerman for now praise.
  1. I Know My Faith Is Found­ed
  2. My Soul, Now Praise Thy Mak­er
Nun preis­et alleGerman for now all praise.Now Let All Loud­ly Sing Praise
Nunc Dim­it­teFields Are White, The
Nunc Dim­it­tisSee Can­tique de Sim­é­on
Nun nimm mein HerzGerman for now take my heart.O Lord, We Sing Thy Great Hu­mil­i­ty
Nur­em­bergThe Ger­man ci­ty.
  1. Heir of All the Ag­es
  2. Lord, Whom Winds and Waves Obey
  3. Mighty One, Be­fore Whose Face
  4. On This Stone Now Laid with Pray­er
  5. Praise to God, Im­mor­tal Praise
  6. Sing, O Hea­vens! O Earth! Re­joice
NutbourneGod the Fa­ther’s On­ly Son
Nu‘uanu Pa­liThe cliff in Ha­wa­ii.It Is Just a Step
NybergComposer Mi­kael Ny­berg.O God! How Of­ten Hath Thine Ear
NyiragongoThe vol­ca­no near the Con­go-Rwan­da bor­der.Come to Jesus, Lost One
NylandIn Right­eous Glo­ry Reign­ing