Scripture Verse

Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11


Words: Anon­y­mous, in Christ­mas Min­strel­sy, ed­it­ed by Jo­seph Will­iams and Hen­ry Gaunt­lett (Lon­don & Man­ches­ter, Eng­land: No­vel­lo & Brem­ner, 1864), num­ber 23.

Music: Nas­sau (Hast­ings) Hast­ings, adapt­ed by Hen­ry J. Gaunt­lett, 1864 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know the au­thor, or Hast­ings’ full name, would you ?

Henry J. Gauntlett
National Portrait Gallery

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Angel choirs in accents sweet,
Herald hosts a countless throng!
Chanting they the shepherds greet;
This the burden of their song,
“We proclaim Messiah’s birth,
Love to men, and peace on earth.

“Lo! on this auspicious morn,
We the joyful tidings bring;
Unto you a Savior’s born,
David’s Son, and David’s King;
Lo! the Lord of earth and skies
In a lowly manger lies.

To the royal city go,
Pay your homage at His feet;
He shall in His person show
Justice doth with mercy meet;
God appears on earth to dwell,
Hail him as Immanuel.

Born the nations all to bless,
Born to set His people free,
He shall save from all distress,
Give them glorious liberty;
Hail Him as the promised seed,
He will meet your every need.

He whom prophets long foretold,
In the end of time appears;
Judah’s lion, strong and bold,
Now His peaceful standard rears;
Types and shadows fade away,
Darkness is exchanged for day.