Scripture Verse

The mighty God, even the Lord, hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof. Psalm 50:1


Nahum Tate

Words: Na­hum Tate & Ni­cho­las Bra­dy, 1696.

Music: No­vel­lo F. Vin­cent No­vel­lo (1781–1861) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Vincent Novello


The Lord hath spoke, the mighty God
Hath sent His summons all abroad,
From dawning light, till day declines;
The listening earth His voice hath heard,
And He from Sion hath appeared,
Where beauty in perfection shines.

Our God shall come, and keep no more
Misconstrued silence, as before;
But wasting flames before Him send:
Around shall tempests fiercely rage,
While He does Heav’n and earth engage
His just tribunal to attend.

Assemble all My saints to Me,
Thus runs the great divine decree,
That in My lasting covenant live,
And offerings bring with constant care
The heav’ns His justice shall declare,
For God Himself shall sentence give.

Attend, My people, Israel, hear;
Thy strong accuser I’ll appear;
Thy God, thy only God, am I:
’Tis not of offerings I complain,
Which, daily in My temple slain,
My sacred altar did supply.

Will this alone atonement make?
No bullock from thy stall I’ll take,
Nor he-goat from thy fold accept;
The forest beasts that range alone,
The cattle, too, are all My own,
That on a thousand hills are kept.

I know the fowls that build their nests
In craggy rocks, and savage beasts,
That loosely haunt the open fields:
If seized with hunger I could be,
I need not seek relief from thee,
Since the world’s Mine, and all it yields.

Think’st thou that I have any need
On slaughtered bulls and goats to feed,
To eat their flesh, and drink their blood?
The sacrifices I require,
Are hearts which love and zeal inspire,
And vows with strictest care made good.

In time of trouble call on Me,
And I will set thee safe and free,
And thou returns of praise shalt make
But to the wicked thus saith God:
How dar’st thou teach My laws abroad,
Or in thy mouth My covenant take?

For stubborn thou, confirmed in sin,
Hast proof against instruction been,
And of My word did lightly speak:
When thou a subtle thief did see,
Thou gladly didst with him agree,
And with adulterers didst partake.

Vile slander is thy chief delight;
Thy tongue, by envy moved, and spite,
Deceitful tales does hourly spread.
Thou dost with hateful scandals wound
Thy brother, and with lies confound
The offspring of thy mother’s bed.

These things didst thou, whom still I strove
To gain with silence, and with love;
Till thou didst wickedly surmise,
That I was such a one as thou:
But I’ll reprove and shame thee now,
And set thy sins before thine eyes.

Mark this, ye wicked fools, lest I
Let all My bolts of vengeance fly,
While none shall dare your cause to own;
Who praises Me, due honor gives,
And to the man that justly lives,
My strong sal­va­tion shall be shown.