Scripture Verse

He took bread, and gave thanks, and broke it, and gave to them, saying, This is My body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of Me. Luke 22:19


Gerard T. Noel
National Portrait Gallery

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Words: Ger­ard T. No­el, in A Se­lec­tion of Psalms and Hymns (Lon­don: J. Hatch­ard, 1810).

Music: No­el tra­di­tion­al air, ar­ranged by Ar­thur S. Sul­li­van, 1871 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Arthur S. Sullivan


If human kindness meets return,
And owns the grateful tie;
If tender thoughts within us burn
To feel a friend is nigh;
O shall not warmer accents tell
The gratitude we owe
To Him who died, our fears to quell,
Our more than orphan’s woe!

While yet His anguished soul surveyed
Those pangs he would not flee,
What love His latest words displayed,
Meet and remember Me!
Remember Thee! Thy death, Thy shame
Our sinful hearts to share!
O memory, leave no other name
But His recorded there.