Scripture Verse

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Psalm 19:1


Neil Barham

Words: Neil Bar­ham, 2005.

Music: Ny­land, Fin­nish tune, in Suo­men Evan­kel­is Lu­ter­i­lai­sen Kirk­en Kor­aal­i­kir­ja, 1909 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:


In righteous glory reigning,
Our God sits high enthroned,
His right and truth maintaining,
His justice making known.
He stands above Time’s river,
The worlds within His view,
His right hand will deliver
To every man his due.

Before His bar no pleading
Excuses any flaw;
But wickedness exceeding
Ignites the flames of Law.
’Mid Sinai’s sounding thunder
The verdict has been read:
All men, in awestruck wonder,
Fall down before Him, dead.

Such wrath, beyond all telling!
Can it be turned aside?
Is there a strong, safe dwelling
Where Hell can be denied?
Can holy, perfect righteousness
Forgive and reconcile?
Can God, though angered, still bless
The wicked and the vile?

Yes, yes, my soul has found out!
There is a mercy sure!
A sovereign grace to sound out—
Alove both true and pure!
The flesh of God is given
To meet the Law’s demands,
And now I am forgiven,
While Christ in Heaven stands!

With that propitiation,
God and His saints embrace!
That perfect expiation
Has saved His chosen race!
Now mercy kisses justice;
Now Truth and Love join hands,
Now Him in whom our trust is:
The Christ, our surety stands!