Neil grew up in Lou­i­si­ana and has lived all over the southern United States. He was trained as a Pres­by­ter­ian pastor and served as a teacher in Christ­ian schools in Geor­gia, Ten­nes­see, and Lou­i­si­a­na. As of 2005, he was living in Mi­ami, Flor­i­da, where he, his wife Ju­lie, and his children Han­nah, Seth, and Leah were members of the Ken­dall Pres­by­ter­i­an Church.

Inspired by the example of Will­iam Cow­per, Neil began writing hymns to combat spiritual depression.

  1. Battle of Calvary, The
  2. Before His Eye
  3. Being His
  4. Blood of His Covenant
  5. Choose the Living Way
  6. Did Christ Descend from Majesty
  7. From Highest Heaven
  8. Gathered Here in That Great Presence
  9. Heaven at Home
  10. Hymn to a Gracious Sovereign
  11. In Righteous Glory Reigning
  12. Incarnation Hymn
  13. Love Song, A
  14. Mighty God, Come Build Your Mighty Church
  15. My Shepherd Fills My Every Need
  16. No Righteousness of Mine
  17. Song of Life
  18. Was It Enough?
  19. We Bless the Triune God of Might
  20. What This Host?