Serve the Lord with gladness.@Psalm 100:2

Anne Steele, Poems on Subjects Chiefly Devotional 1760, volume 1, page 161; the words come from the longer poem Ah, Wretched Souls Who Strive in Vain.

Rockingham (Mason) Lowell Mason, 1832 (πŸ”Š pdf nwc).

Lowell Mason (1792–1872)

Now I resolve with all my heart,
With all my powers, to serve the Lord:
Nor from His precepts e’er depart,
Whose service is a rich reward.

O be His service all my joy;
Around let my example shine
Till others love the best employ
And join in labors so divine.

Be this the purpose of my soul,
My solemn, my determined choice,
To yield to His supreme control,
And in His kind commands rejoice.

O may I never faint nor tire,
Nor wandering leave His sacred ways;
Great God, accept my soul’s desire,
And give me strength to live Thy praise.