May 1716, Brough­ton, Hamp­shire, Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 11, 1778, Brough­ton, Hamp­shire, Eng­land.

Saint Ma­ry’s church­yard, Brough­ton, Hamp­shire, Eng­land.

Anne was the daugh­ter of Will­iam Steele, a tim­ber mer­chant who was al­so a lay preach­er at the Bap­tist church in Brough­ton. She lost her mo­ther at age 3.

At age 19, a se­vere hip in­ju­ry made her a life­long in­va­lid. At age 21, her fi­an­cé drowned the day be­fore they were to be mar­ried.

From this series of tra­ge­dies rose 144 hymns and 34 ver­si­fied Psalms, which were enor­mous­ly pop­u­lar. Her main work was Po­ems on Sub­jects Chief­ly De­vo­tion­al (1760). When Tri­ni­ty Church in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts (where Phil­lips Brooks was lat­er rec­tor) pub­lished its hym­nal in 1808, 59 of its 144 hymns were from the pen of Anne Steele.

She pre­ferred to re­main anon­y­mous, though, writ­ing un­der a pen name. Her tom­bstone car­ried these words:

Silent the lyre, and dumb the tuneful tongue,
That sung on earth her great Redeemer’s praise;
But now in Heaven she joins the angelic song,
In more harmonious, more exalted lays.

  1. Ah! Wretch­ed, Vile, Un­grate­ful Heart
  2. Ah, Wretch­ed Souls Who Strive in Vain
  3. Alas, What Hour­ly Dan­gers Rise!
  4. Almighty Au­thor of My Frame
  5. Almighty Fa­ther, Grac­ious Lord
  6. Amazing Love That Stooped So Low
  7. And Did the Ho­ly and the Just
  8. And Is the Gos­pel Peace and Love?
  9. And Will the Lord Thus Con­des­cend?
  10. Another Day Is Past
  11. Awake, Awake the Sac­red Song
  12. Awake, My Soul, Nor Slum­ber­ing Lie
    • That Aw­ful Hour Will Soon Ap­pear
  13. Bright Scenes of Bliss, Un­cloud­ed Skies
  14. Come, Heav’n­ly Love, In­spire My Song
    • Come, Heaven­ly Dove, In­spire My Song
    • Come, Ho­ly Ghost, In­spire Our Song
    • Come, Ho­ly Spir­it, Guide My Song
    • Savior! O What End­less Charms, The
  15. Come, Let Our Souls Adore the Lord
  16. Come, Lord, and Warm Each Lan­guid Heart
  17. Come, Thou De­sire of All Thy Saints
  18. Come, Tune Ye Saints, Your No­blest Strains
  19. Come, Wea­ry Souls with Sin Dis­tressed
  20. Come Ye That Love the Sav­ior’s Name
  21. Dear Ce­nter of My Best De­sires
  22. Dear Lord, and Shall Thy Spir­it Rest?
  23. Dear Re­fuge of My Weary Soul
  24. Death! ’Tis a Name with Ter­ror Fraught
  25. Deep Are the Wounds Which Sin Has Made
  26. Enslaved by Sin, and Bound in Chains
  27. Eternal Pow­er, Al­mig­hty God
  28. Eternal Source of Joys Di­vine
  29. Faith Leads to Joys Be­yond the Sky
  30. Far from These Nar­row Scenes of Night
  31. Father of Mer­cies, in Thy Word
  32. God Is My Sun, His Bliss­ful Rays
  33. God of My Sal­va­tion Lives, The
  34. Gospel, O What End­less Charms, The
  35. Great God, to Thee My Ev­en­ing Song
  36. Great King of Kings, Eter­nal God
  37. Great Rul­er of the Earth and Skies
  38. Great Source of Bound­less Pow­er and Grace
  39. Happy the Soul, Whose Wish­es Climb
  40. He Lives, the Great Re­deem­er Lives
  41. Hear, Gra­cious Lord, My Hum­ble Moan
  42. Hear, O My God, with Pi­ty Hear
  43. Hence, Vain, In­trud­ing World, De­part
  44. How Blest Are Those, How Tru­ly Wise
  45. How Far Be­yond Our Mor­tal View
  46. How Help­less Guil­ty Na­ture Lies
  47. How Long Shall Earth’s Al­lur­ing Toys
    • O Could Our Thoughts and Wish­es Fly
  48. How Love­ly, How Di­vine­ly Sweet
  49. How Oft, Alas!
  50. In Vain I Trace Cre­a­tion O’er
  51. In Vain My Rov­ing Thoughts Would Find
  52. In Vain the Er­ring World In­quires
  53. In Vain The World’s Al­lur­ing Smile
  54. Jesus, and Didst Thou Leave the Sky?
  55. Jesus De­mands This Heart of Mine
  56. Jesus, in Thy Trans­port­ing Name
  57. Jesus, the Spring of Joys Di­vine
  58. Jesus, Thou Source Di­vine
  59. Life Is a Jour­ney, Heav’n My Home
  60. Life Is a Span, a Fleet­ing Hour
    • Once Loved Form, Now Cold and Dead, The
  61. Long Has Di­vine Com­pas­sion Strove
  62. Look Up, My Soul, with Cheer­ful Eye
  63. Lord For­gets His Wont­ed Grace, The
  64. Lord, How Mys­ter­i­ous Are Thy Ways
  65. Lord, in the Tem­ple of Thy Grace
  66. Lord, in Thy Great, Thy Glor­ious Name
  67. Lord, My Shep­herd and My Guide, The
  68. Lord of My Life, O May Thy Praise
  69. Lord of the Earth, and Seas, and Skies
  70. Lord, the God of Glo­ry Reigns, The
  71. Lord, Thou Hast Been Thy Child­ren’s God
  72. Lord, We Adore Thy Bound­less Grace
  73. Lord, When My Rap­tured Thought Sur­veys
  74. Lord, When My Thoughts De­light­ed Rove
  75. Mind Was Formed to Mount Sub­lime, The
  76. My God, My Father, Bliss­ful Name!
  77. My God, My Hope, if Thou Art Mine
  78. My God, O Could I Make the Claim
  79. My God, ’Tis to Thy Mer­cy Seat
  80. My God, to Thee I Call
  81. My God, Whene’er My Long­ing Heart
  82. My God, the Vi­sits of Thy Face
  83. My Mak­er and My King
  84. My Soul, to God, Its Source, As­pires
  85. Now Let Us Raise Our Cheer­ful Strains
  86. O Could Our Thoughts and Wish­es Fly
  87. O Could We Read Our In­ter­est There
  88. O Dearer to My Thank­ful Heart
    • See, Lord, Thy Will­ing Sub­jects Bow
  89. O for a Sweet, In­spir­ing Ray
  90. O for the Eye of Faith Di­vine
  91. O Hap­pi­ness, Thou Pleas­ing Dream
  92. O Je­sus, Our Ex­alt­ed Head
  93. Oh Thou Whose Ten­der Mer­cy Hears
  94. O World of Bliss, Could Mor­tal Eyes
  95. O’erwhelmed with Rest­less Griefs and Fears
  96. Oft Have I Said, with In­ward Sighs
  97. Once Loved Form Now Cold and Dead, The
  98. Pains That Wait Our Fleet­ing Breath, The
  99. Peace, My Com­plain­ing, Doubt­ing Heart
  100. Permit Me, Lord, to Seek Thy Face
  101. Praise Ye the Lord, Let Praise Em­ploy
  102. Promised Land, The
  103. Recall, My Heart, That Dread­ful Hour
  104. Sad Pri­son­ers in a House of Clay
  105. Savior Calls, The
  106. Savior! O What End­less Charms, The
  107. See, Gra­cious God, Be­fore Thy Throne
  108. See, Lord, Thy Will­ing Sub­jects Bow
  109. Should Fam­ine o’er the Mourn­ing Field
  110. Should Na­ture’s Charms, to Please the Eye
  111. So Fades the Love­ly, Bloom­ing Flow­er
  112. Stern Win­ter Throws His Icy Chains
  113. Stretched on the Cross, the Sav­ior Dies
  114. Sure I Must Love the Sav­ior’s Name
  115. Sure, the Blest Com­fort­er Is Nigh
  116. Thee, Dear­est Lord, My Soul Adores
  117. There Is a Glor­ious World on High
  118. There Is a God
  119. Thou Love­ly Source of True De­light
  120. Thou On­ly Sov­er­eign of My Heart
  121. Thy Gra­cious Pre­sence, O My God
  122. Thy King­dom, Lord, For­ev­er Stands
  123. To Je­sus, Our Ex­alt­ed Lord
  124. To Je­sus, Our Vic­tor­i­ous Lord
  125. To Our Re­deem­er’s Glor­ious Name
  126. To Your Cre­at­or, God
  127. Triumphant, Christ As­cends on High
  128. Vain World, Be Gone, Nor Vex My Heart
  129. Was It for Sin?
  130. Weary Tra­vel­er, Lost in Night, The
  131. When Blest with That Trans­port­ing View
  132. When Bloom­ing Youth Is Snatched Away
  133. When Death Ap­pears Be­fore My Sight
  134. When Fancy Spreads Her Bold­est Wings
  135. When Faint­ing in the Sul­try Waste
  136. When Filled with Grief, My Anx­ious Heart
  137. When Gloomy Thoughts and Fears
  138. When I Re­solved to Watch My Thoughts
  139. When I Su­rvey Life’s Var­ied Scene
  140. When Sin and Sor­row, Fear and Pain
  141. When Sins and Fears Pre­vail­ing Rise
  142. When Wea­ry Souls with Sin Dis­tressed
  143. Whene’er the Ang­ry Pas­sions Rise
  144. Where Is God? Does He Re­tire?
  145. While Jus­tice Waves Her Venge­ful Hand
  146. While My Re­deem­er’s Near
  147. While to the Grave Our Friends Are Borne
  148. Why Should My Spirit Cleave to Earth?
  149. Why Sinks My Weak De­spond­ing Mind?
  150. Wondering Na­tions Have Be­held, The
  151. Ye Earthly Van­i­ties, De­part
  152. Ye Gay De­ceiv­ers of the Mind
  153. Ye Glit­te­ring Toys of Earth, Adieu
  154. Ye Hum­ble Souls, Ap­proach Your God
  155. Ye Mourn­ing Sin­ners, Here Dis­close
  156. Ye Wretch­ed, Hun­gry, Starv­ing Poor

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