May 1716, Broughton, Hampshire, England.

November 11, 1778, Broughton, Hampshire, England.

Saint Mary’s churchyard, Broughton, Hampshire, England.

Anne was the daughter of Will­iam Steele, a timber merchant who was also a lay preacher at the Bap­tist church in Brough­ton. She lost her mother at age 3.

At age 19, a severe hip injury made her a lifelong invalid. At age 21, her fiancé drowned the day before they were to be married.

From this series of tragedies rose 144 hymns and 34 ver­si­fied Psalms, which were enormously popular. Her main work was Poems on Subjects Chiefly Devotional (1760). When Trinity Church in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts (where Phil­lips Brooks was later rector) published its hymnal in 1808, 59 of its 144 hymns were from the pen of Anne Steele.

She preferred to remain anonymous, though, writing under a pen name. Her tombstone carried these words:

Silent the lyre, and dumb the tuneful tongue,
That sung on earth her great Redeemer’s praise;
But now in Heaven she joins the angelic song,
In more harmonious, more exalted lays.

  1. Ah! Wretched, Vile, Ungrateful Heart
  2. Ah, Wretched Souls Who Strive in Vain
  3. Alas, What Hourly Dangers Rise!
  4. Almighty Author of My Frame
  5. Almighty Father, Gracious Lord
  6. Amazing Love That Stooped So Low
  7. And Did the Holy and the Just
  8. And Is the Gospel Peace and Love?
  9. And Will the Lord Thus Condescend
  10. Another Day Is Past
  11. Awake, Awake the Sacred Song
  12. Awake, My Soul, Nor Slumbering Lie
    • That Awful Hour Will Soon Appear
  13. Bright Scenes of Bliss, Unclouded Skies
  14. Come, Heav’nly Love, Inspire My Song
    • Come, Heavenly Dove, Inspire My Song
    • Come, Holy Ghost, Inspire Our Song
    • Come, Holy Spirit, Guide My Song
    • Savior! O What Endless Charms, The
  15. Come, Let Our Souls Adore the Lord
  16. Come, Lord, and Warm Each Languid Heart
  17. Come, Thou Desire of All Thy Saints
  18. Come, Tune Ye Saints, Your Noblest Strains
  19. Come, Weary Souls with Sin Distressed
  20. Come Ye That Love the Savior’s Name
  21. Dear Center of My Best Desires
  22. Dear Lord, and Shall Thy Spirit Rest?
  23. Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul
  24. Death! ’Tis a Name with Terror Fraught
  25. Deep Are the Wounds Which Sin Has Made
  26. Enslaved by Sin, and Bound in Chains
  27. Eternal Power, Almighty God
  28. Eternal Source of Joys Divine
  29. Faith Leads to Joys Beyond the Sky
  30. Far from These Narrow Scenes of Night
  31. Father of Mercies, in Thy Word
  32. God Is My Sun, His Blissful Rays
  33. God of My Salvation Lives, The
  34. Gospel, O What Endless Charms, The
  35. Great God, to Thee My Evening Song
  36. Great King of Kings, Eternal God
  37. Great Ruler of the Earth and Skies
  38. Great Source of Boundless Power and Grace
  39. Happy the Soul, Whose Wishes Climb
  40. He Lives, the Great Redeemer Lives
  41. Hear, Gracious Lord, My Humble Moan
  42. Hear, O My God, with Pity Hear
  43. Hence, Vain, Intruding World, Depart
  44. How Blest Are Those, How Truly Wise
  45. How Far Beyond Our Mortal View
  46. How Helpless Guilty Nature Lies
  47. How Long Shall Earth’s Alluring Toys
    • O Could Our Thoughts and Wishes Fly
  48. How Lovely, How Divinely Sweet
  49. How Oft, Alas!
  50. In Vain I Trace Creation O’er
  51. In Vain My Roving Thoughts Would Find
  52. In Vain the Erring World Inquires
  53. In Vain The World’s Alluring Smile
  54. Jesus, and Didst Thou Leave the Sky?
  55. Jesus Demands This Heart of Mine
  56. Jesus, in Thy Transporting Name
  57. Jesus, the Spring of Joys Divine
  58. Jesus, Thou Source Divine
  59. Life Is a Journey, Heav’n My Home
  60. Life Is a Span, a Fleeting Hour
    • Once Loved Form, Now Cold and Dead, The
  61. Long Has Divine Compassion Strove
  62. Look Up, My Soul, with Cheerful Eye
  63. Lord Forgets His Wonted Grace, The
  64. Lord, How Mysterious Are Thy Ways
  65. Lord, in the Temple of Thy Grace
  66. Lord, in Thy Great, Thy Glorious Name
  67. Lord, My Shepherd and My Guide, The
  68. Lord of My Life, O May Thy Praise
  69. Lord of the Earth, and Seas, and Skies
  70. Lord, the God of Glory Reigns, The
  71. Lord, Thou Hast Been Thy Children’s God
  72. Lord, We Adore Thy Boundless Grace
  73. Lord, When My Raptured Thought Surveys
  74. Lord, When My Thoughts Delighted Rove
  75. Mind Was Formed to Mount Sublime, The
  76. My God, My Father, Blissful Name!
  77. My God, My Hope, if Thou Art Mine
  78. My God, O Could I Make the Claim
  79. My God, ’Tis to Thy Mercy Seat
  80. My God, to Thee I Call
  81. My God, Whene’er My Longing Heart
  82. My God, the Visits of Thy Face
  83. My Maker and My King
  84. My Soul, to God, Its Source, Aspires
  85. Now Let Us Raise Our Cheerful Strains
  86. O Could Our Thoughts and Wishes Fly
  87. O Could We Read Our Interest There
  88. O Dearer to My Thankful Heart
    • See, Lord, Thy Willing Subjects Bow
  89. O for a Sweet, Inspiring Ray
  90. O for the Eye of Faith Divine
  91. O Happiness, Thou Pleasing Dream
  92. O Jesus, Our Exalted Head
  93. Oh Thou Whose Tender Mercy Hears
  94. O World of Bliss, Could Mortal Eyes
  95. O’erwhelmed with Restless Griefs and Fears
  96. Oft Have I Said, with Inward Sighs
  97. Once Loved Form Now Cold and Dead, The
  98. Pains That Wait Our Fleeting Breath, The
  99. Peace, My Complaining, Doubting Heart
  100. Permit Me, Lord, to Seek Thy Face
  101. Praise Ye the Lord, Let Praise Employ
  102. Promised Land, The
  103. Recall, My Heart, That Dreadful Hour
  104. Sad Prisoners in a House of Clay
  105. Savior Calls, The
  106. Savior! O What Endless Charms, The
  107. See, Gracious God, Before Thy Throne
  108. See, Lord, Thy Willing Subjects Bow
  109. Should Famine o’er the Mourning Field
  110. Should Nature’s Charms, to Please the Eye
  111. So Fades the Lovely, Blooming Flower
  112. Stern Winter Throws His Icy Chains
  113. Stretched on the Cross, the Savior Dies
  114. Sure I Must Love the Savior’s Name
  115. Sure, the Blest Comforter Is Nigh
  116. Thee, Dearest Lord, My Soul Adores
  117. There Is a Glorious World on High
  118. There Is a God
  119. Thou Lovely Source of True Delight
  120. Thou Only Sovereign of My Heart
  121. Thy Gracious Presence, O My God
  122. Thy Kingdom, Lord, Forever Stands
  123. To Jesus, Our Exalted Lord
  124. To Jesus, Our Victorious Lord
  125. To Our Redeemer’s Glorious Name
  126. To Your Creator, God
  127. Triumphant, Christ Ascends on High
  128. Vain World, Be Gone, Nor Vex My Heart
  129. Was It for Sin?
  130. Weary Traveler, Lost in Night, The
  131. When Blest with That Transporting View
  132. When Blooming Youth Is Snatched Away
  133. When Death Appears Before My Sight
  134. When Fancy Spreads Her Boldest Wings
  135. When Fainting in the Sultry Waste
  136. When Filled with Grief, My Anxious Heart
  137. When Gloomy Thoughts and Fears
  138. When I Resolved to Watch My Thoughts
  139. When I Survey Life’s Varied Scene
  140. When Sin and Sorrow, Fear and Pain
  141. When Sins and Fears Prevailing Rise
  142. When Weary Souls with Sin Distressed
  143. Whene’er the Angry Passions Rise
  144. Where Is God? Does He Retire?
  145. While Justice Waves Her Vengeful Hand
  146. While My Redeemer’s Near
  147. While to the Grave Our Friends Are Borne
  148. Why Should My Spirit Cleave to Earth?
  149. Why Sinks My Weak Desponding Mind?
  150. Wondering Nations Have Beheld, The
  151. Ye Earthly Vanities, Depart
  152. Ye Gay Deceivers of the Mind
  153. Ye Glittering Toys of Earth, Adieu
  154. Ye Humble Souls, Approach Your God
  155. Ye Mourning Sinners, Here Disclose
  156. Ye Wretched, Hungry, Starving Poor

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