February 7, 1710, London, England.

February 7, 1779, Kensington, England.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England.

Boyce started his musical career singing in the choir at St. Paul’s Cathedral. After studying under St. Paul’s organist, Maurice Greene, Boyce became the organist at the Earl of Oxford’s chapel. In 1736, he became composer at the Chapel Royal, and organist at St. Michael’s, Cornhill. In 1749, he received music degrees from Oxford. Deafness forced him to retire from performing in the 1760’s, but he continued to write. He compiled a three volume Cathedral Music (1760–73), and wrote stage works, anthems, instrumental pieces, and other music.

  1. Appleton
  2. Chapel Royal
  3. Halton Holgate
  4. Morning Hymn
  5. Portsea