Scripture Verse

Let the heaven and earth praise Him.@Psalm 69:34
Marianne Hearn
© National Portrait Gallery

Words: Mar­i­anne Hearn, in The Voice of Praise, by the Sun­day School Un­ion (Lon­don: 1887), num­ber 470.

Music: Spring Carol Grace W. Co­nant, 1913 (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Sing, for the world rejoices
Full of a thankful mirth;
Sing, for delightful music
Filleth the heaven and earth;
Sing for the flowers are springing
Forth from the generous sod.
Sing, for the world is singing
Sweet, happy songs to God.

Sing, for the children’s praises
Ever are sweet to Him;
Ever His great love lasteth,
Never His smile is dim;
Ever in storm and sunshine,
Loves He His children well;
Ever from night till morning
They should His praises tell.

Sing, let the happy springtime
Waken the tardy voice;
Let the whole world be happy,
Let every heart rejoice;
Sing of the Father’s goodness,
And of the Savior’s love;
Sing as ye travel onward
To the fair home above.