Let us bow down in worship.@Psalm 95:6

Joseph S. Shoemaker, in the Church and Sunday School Hymnal, edited by John D. Brunk (Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Mennonite Publishing House, 1902), number 6.

Freeport (Shoemaker ) Joseph S. Shoemaker (🔊 pdf nwc).

Father, we come in Jesus’ name,
To worship at this place;
Do Thou with love our hearts inflame,
And give us peace and grace.

We know not how to come aright,
Except Thou be our guide;
Fill Thou our hearts with heav’nly light,
And with us now abide.

Give grace to hear and sing Thy praise,
And grace for Thee to live;
Keep us, O Lord, in all Thy ways,
To us Thy Spirit give.

Moment by moment be Thou near,
And keep us in Thy love;
And when our life is ended here,
Take us to Thee above.