Scripture Verse

My heart is astir with a good theme; I address my verses to the King. Psalm 45:1


Words: Pa­ra­phrase of Psalm 45. Au­thor un­known.

Music: Fair­field Pe­ter La Trobe (1795–1863) (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a good pic­ture of La Trobe (head & shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els),


A goodly theme is mine,
And eagerly I sing;
For bounteous words flow from my lips
As I salute the King.
Supremely fair He is,
In beauty peerless He;
For Him the favor of the Lord
Doth grace eternally.

Gird on Thy sword, O King,
Put on Thy majesty;
Ride out in full regalia,
And richest panoply.
Triumph in very truth,
In meekness and in right,
Let fly the arrows of revenge,
And vanquish in Thy might.

Thy throne is ever sure,
Establishèd of God;
Its scepter is of right­eous­ness,
Of equity its rod.
Thou lovest perfect right,
Hatest iniquity;
Therefore with oil of festive joy
The Lord anointed Thee.

Thy garments breathe of myrrh,
Of spices rich and rare;
Glad strains of joyous music ring
Throughout Thy palace fair.
Amid Thy glo­ri­ous train
King’s daughters waiting stand,
And on Thy right the queen adorned
In gold from Ophir land.

O royal bride, give heed,
This King is now thy Lord;
Forsake thy former loyalties,
Full fealty accord.
Thy beauty and thy grace
Will then delight the King;
And they to thee, since thou art His,
Their precious gifts will bring.

Enthroned in royal state
And glo­ri­ous thou shalt dwell,
With garments fair, inwrought with gold,
His bride He loveth well.
And they who honor thee
Shall in thy train attend,
And to the palace of the King
Shall joyfully as­cend.

Then in Thy Fa­ther’s place
The sons of royal birth
Thou wilt endow with regal gifts
As princes of the earth.
Thy name shall be proclaimed
Through all succeeding days,
And all the peoples ev­ery­where
Shall give Thee endless praise.