I stand at the door, and knock.@Revelation 3:20

Peter Vogel, in The Morning Star, edited by Knowles Shaw (Cincinnati, Ohio: Central Book Concern, 1877), number 26.

Kano Knowles Shaw, 1877 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Knowles Shaw (1834–1878)

Sinner, didst thou hear it?
’Tis the Savior’s call,
Standing, knocking, waiting,
Christ, the Lord of all;
Seeking for an entrance
In that heart of thine,
Pleading to transform thee
By His grace divine.


Standing, knocking, waiting,
Hear His gentle voice;
’Tis the Savior calling,
Make today your choice.

Tender is His accent,
Winning is His tone,
Standing, knocking, waiting,
Wants thee for a son.
Father’s house of mansions,
Beautiful and fair,
Stands in grandeur waiting,
He would sup you there.


Oh, canst thou refuse Him,
Knocking day by day?
Standing, knocking, waiting,
Yield without delay;
Yes, the Lord Almighty,
Humbled in the dust,
Beggeth thee as sovereign,
Take Me as thy guest.