Scripture Verse

All kings shall fall down before Him: all nations shall serve Him. Psalm 72:11


James Montgomery (1771–1854)
National Portrait Gallery


Words: James Mont­go­me­ry, The Chris­tian Psalm­ist (Glas­gow, Scot­land: Chal­mers & Coll­ins, 1825), num­ber 557. All na­tions shall serve Him.

Music: Har­row ano­ny­mous, in Church Pas­tor­als, ed­it­ed by Ne­he­mi­ah Adams (Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts: Tick­nor & Fields, 1864), page 237 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:


Fall down, ye na­tions, and ad­ore
Jehovah on the mer­cy-seat;
Like pros­trate seas on ev­ery shore
That cast their bil­lows at your feet.

Let hal­le­lu­jahs to the skies,
With ocean’s ev­er­last­ing sound,
The voice of ma­ny wa­ters, rise
Day with­out night, as time goes round.

Come from the east—with gifts, ye kings!
With gold, and frank­in­cense, and myrrh;
Where’er the morn­ing spreads her wings,
Let man to God his vows pre­fer.

Come from the west—the bond, the free;
His ea­sy ser­vice make your choice;
Ye isles of the Pa­ci­fic sea,
Like hal­cy­on nests, in God re­joice.

Come from the south—through de­sert sands
A high­way for the Lord pre­pare;
Let Ethi­op­ia stretch her hands
And Li­bya pour her soul in pray­er.

Come from the north—let Eur­ope raise
In all her lang­uag­es one song;
Give God the glo­ry, pow­er and praise,
That to His ho­ly name be­long.

For He hath bowed the hea­vens above,
And at His feet the mount­ains flowed;
He came—but not in wrath—in love,
To make with men His pure abode.

With smiles, O earth! thy mak­er meet;
Nations, be­fore your Sav­ior fall;
Redemption is in Him com­plete,
The Gos­pel now is preached to all.