No­vem­ber 4, 1771, Ir­vine, Ayr­shire, Scot­land.

Ap­ril 30, 1854, Mount, Shef­field, Eng­land.

Shef­field Ca­thed­ral, Eng­land. A sta­tue was erect­ed in his me­mo­ry in the Shef­field ce­me­te­ry, a stained glass win­dow was in­stalled in the par­ish church, and a pub­lic hall was named af­ter him.



When Mont­gom­e­ry was five years old, his fa­mi­ly moved to the Mo­ra­vi­an set­tle­ment at Grace­hill, near Bal­ly­me­na, Coun­ty An­trim.

Two years lat­er, he was sent to the Ful­neck Se­mi­na­ry in York­shire. He left Ful­neck in 1787 to work in a shop in Mir­field, near Wake­field. Soon tir­ing of that, he se­cured a sim­i­lar po­si­tion at Wath, near Roth­er­ham, on­ly to find it as un­sui­t­able as his pre­vi­ous job.

A trip to Lon­don, hop­ing to find a pub­lish­er for his youth­ful po­ems, end­ed in fail­ure. In 1792, he glad­ly left Wath for Shef­field to be as­sist­ant to Mr. Gales, auc­tion­eer, book­sell­er, and print­er of the Shef­field Re­gis­ter.

In 1794, Gales left Eng­land to avoid po­li­tic­al pro­se­cu­tion. Mont­gom­e­ry took the Shef­field Re­gis­ter in hand, changed its name to the Shef­field Iris, and con­tin­ued to ed­it it for 32 years. Dur­ing the next two years he was im­pris­oned twice, first for re­print­ing a song in com­mem­o­ra­tion of the fall of the Bas­tille, then for giv­ing an ac­count of a ri­ot in Shef­field.

The ed­it­ing of his pa­per, the com­po­si­tion and pub­li­ca­tion of his po­ems and hymns, the de­liv­e­ry of lec­tures on po­e­try in Shef­field and at the Roy­al In­sti­tu­tion, Lon­don, and the ad­vo­ca­cy of for­eign mis­sions and the Bi­ble Soc­i­ety, gave him great va­ri­e­ty, but lit­tle of stir­ring in­ci­dent in his life.

How­ev­er, he did find time to write 400 hymns. In 1833, Mont­gom­e­ry re­ceived a roy­al pen­sion of £200 per year.

His works in­clude:

  1. According to Thy Gra­cious Word
  2. All Ye Gen­tiles, Praise the Lord
  3. Almighty God, in Hum­ble Pray­er
  4. Angels from the Realms of Glo­ry
  5. As the Hart, with Ea­ger Looks
  6. At Ev­ery Mo­tion of Our Breath
  7. Be Known to Us in Break­ing Bread
  8. Be Joy­ful in God
  9. Behold the Book Whose Leaves Dis­play
  10. Behold Yon Bright Ar­ray
  11. Bright and Joy­ful Is the Morn
  12. Call Jeh­o­vah Thy Sal­va­tion
    • God Shall Charge His An­gel Le­gions
  13. Child Is Born—The Birth Pro­claim, A
  14. Children’s An­gels Al­ways View, The
  15. Christian War­ri­or, See Him Stand, The
  16. Come and Be­hold the Works of God
  17. Come in, Thou Bless­èd of the Lord
  18. Come See the Place Where Je­sus Lay
  19. Come, Let Us Sing the Song of Songs
  20. Come to Cal­va­ry’s Ho­ly Moun­tain
  21. Come Ye That Fear the Lord
  22. Communion of My Sav­ior’s Blood
  23. Daughter of Zi­on, from the Dust
  24. Days and Years of Time Are Fled, The
  25. Days of Par­a­dise Were Few, The
  26. Fair Shines the Morn­ing Star
  27. Fall Down, Ye Na­tions
  28. Father of Eter­nal Grace
  29. Few, Few and Evil Are Thy Days
  30. Food, Rai­ment, Dwell­ing, Health and Friends
  31. Forever with the Lord
  32. Friend Af­ter Friend De­parts
  33. Friends of the Poor, the Young, the Weak
  34. From Year to Year in Love We Meet
  35. Full Speed Along the World’s High­way
  36. Give Glo­ry to God in the High­est
  37. Glad Was My Heart to Hear
  38. Glorious Un­i­verse Around, The
  39. Glory to the Fa­ther Give
  40. God, in the High and Ho­ly Place
  41. God of Na­ture and of Grace, The
  42. God ov­er All, the Sun by Day
  43. Go to Dark Geth­se­ma­ne
  44. Go to the Grave in All Thy Glo­ri­ous Prime
  45. Go Where a Foot Hath Ne­ver Trod
  46. God Be Mer­ci­ful to Me
  47. God in the High and Ho­ly Place
  48. God Is My Strong Sal­va­tion
  49. God Is Our Ref­uge and De­fense
  50. God of Har­vest Praise, The
  51. God of Na­ture and of Grace, The
  52. God Shall Charge His An­gel Le­gions
  53. Green Pas­tures and Clear Streams
  54. Hail to the Lord’s An­oint­ed
  55. Hark! The Song of Ju­bi­lee
  56. Hasten, Lord, to My Re­lease
  57. Have Mer­cy on Me, O My God
  58. Hear Me, O Lord, in My Dis­tress
  59. Hearken, Lord, to My Com­plaints
  60. Heathen Per­ish, The
  61. Heaven Is a Place of Rest from Sin
  62. Heralds of Cre­a­tion Cry
  63. Holy, Ho­ly, Ho­ly Lord God of Hosts
  64. Home, Kin­dred, Friends, and Coun­try
  65. Hosanna! Be the Child­ren’s Song
  66. How Beau­ti­ful the Sight
  67. How Pre­cious Are Thy Thoughts of Peace
  68. I Cried un­to the Lord Most Just
  69. I Left the God of Truth and Light
  70. I Love the Lord, He Lent an Ear
  71. I Take the Jour­ney of a Day
  72. In a Land of Strange De­light
  73. In the Hour of Tri­al
  74. In Time of Trib­u­la­tion
  75. Jehovah Is Great, and Great His Praise
  76. Jesus, Our Best Be­lov­ed Friend
  77. Judge Me, O Lord, in Right­eous­ness
  78. Less Than the Least of All
  79. Let Me Go, the Day Is Break­ing
  80. Let There Be Light, Thus Spake the Word
  81. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Brass
  82. Lord, For­ev­er at Thy Side
  83. Lord God, the Ho­ly Ghost
  84. Lord Is King; up­on His Throne, The
  85. Lord Is My Shep­herd, The
  86. Lord, Let Me Know Mine End
  87. Lord, Let My Pray­er Like In­cense Rise
  88. Lord of Hosts, to Thee We Raise
  89. Lord, Pour Thy Spir­it from on High
  90. Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright
  91. Lord, When We Search the Hu­man Heart
  92. Millions With­in Thy Courts Have Met
  93. Morning Dawns up­on the Place, The
  94. Not Here, as to the Pro­phet’s Eye
  95. Not in Je­ru­sa­lem Alone
  96. Not to the Mount That Burned with Fire
  97. O Bless the Lord, My Soul
  98. O Come Let Us Sing to the Lord
  99. O God, Thou Art My God Alone
  100. O Lord Our God, Thy Light and Truth
  101. O Lord, Our King, How Ex­cel­lent
  102. O My Soul, with All Thy Pow­ers
  103. O Spir­it of the Liv­ing God
  104. O That I Knew Where I Might Find
  105. O Where Shall Rest Be Found?
  106. Of Old, O God, Thine Own Right Hand
  107. On the First Chris­tian Sab­bath Eve
  108. One Hu­man Pair, and On­ly One
  109. One Pray­er I Have
  110. One Thing with All My Soul’s De­sire
  111. Our Heav­en­ly Fa­ther, Hear
  112. Our Mas­ter, Je­sus, Reigned Above
  113. Our Soul Shall Mag­ni­fy the Lord
  114. Out of the Depths of Woe
  115. Palms of Glo­ry
  116. People of the Liv­ing God
  117. Poor Way­far­ing Man of Grief, A
  118. Pour Out Thy Spir­it from on High
  119. Praise the Lord Through Ev­ery Na­tion
  120. Prayer Is the Soul’s Sin­cere De­sire
  121. Pure and Peace­ful Mind, The
  122. Return, My Soul, un­to Thy Rest
  123. Scene Around Me Dis­ap­pears, The
  124. Searcher of Hearts, to Thee Are Known
  125. Servant of God, Well Done!
  126. Servants of God, in Joy­ful Lays
  127. Sing We the Song
  128. Sleep, Wea­ry World
  129. Songs of Praise the An­gels Sang
  130. Sow in the Morn Thy Seed
  131. Spirit of Pow­er and Might, Be­hold
  132. Stand Up and Bless the Lord
  133. Tempter to My Soul Hath Said, The
  134. Tender Mer­cy of Our Lord, The
  135. Thank and Praise Je­ho­vah’s Name
  136. Thee Will I Praise, O Lord in Light
  137. There Is a Calm for Those Who Weep
  138. This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
  139. This Stone to Thee in Faith We Lay
  140. Thou, God, Art a Con­sum­ing Fire
  141. Thrice Hap­py He Who Shuns the Way
  142. Thus Far on Life’s Be­wild­er­ing Path
  143. Thus Sa­ith the Lord, My Church, to Thee
  144. Thy Glo­ry, Lord, the Hea­vens De­clare
  145. Thy Law Is Per­fect, Lord of Light
  146. Thy Throne, O God, in Right­eous­ness
  147. Thy Word, Al­migh­ty Lord
  148. To Ad­am Thus Je­ho­vah Spake
  149. To God Most Aw­ful and Most High
  150. To Thy Tem­ple I Re­pair
  151. To Us the Voice of Wis­dom Cries
  152. We Bid Thee Wel­come in the Name
  153. What Are These in Bright Ar­ray?
  154. What Is the Thing of Great­est Price?
  155. What Is the World? A Wil­der­ing Maze
  156. What Sec­ret Hand, at Morn­ing Light
  157. What Shall We Ask of God in Pray­er?
  158. When in Dark and Dread­ful Gloom
  159. When Is­ra­el, Pressed by Pha­raoh, Stood
  160. When Je­sus Left His Fa­ther’s Throne
  161. When, Like a Stran­ger on our Sphere
  162. When on Si­nai’s Top I See
  163. When Those Who Feared the Lord of Old
  164. When War on Earth Sus­pend­ed
  165. Where Are the Dead?
  166. While Saints and An­gels, Glo­ri­ous King
  167. While Through This Chang­ing World We Roam
  168. Who Make the Lord of Hosts Their Tow­er
  169. With Wan­der­ing Ja­cob, Let Us Say
  170. Words of Eter­nal Life to Me
  171. Within These Walls Be Peace
  172. World in Con­dem­na­tion Lay, The
  173. Yes, I Will Ex­tol Thee