Scripture Verse

Praise awaits Thee, O God, in Zion. Psalm 65:1


Words: From The Psal­ter (Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­van­ia: Unit­ed Pres­by­ter­ian Board of Pub­li­ca­tion, 1912), num­ber 166.

Music: Hol­born Hill St. Al­ban’s Tune Book (🔊 pdf nwc).


Praise waits in Zi­on, Lord, for Thee,
And un­to Thee shall vows be paid;
O Thou that hear­est those who cry,
To Thee by all shall pray­er be made.

Against us sin has bat­tled hard,
For help we look to Thee and pray;
Thou our trans­gress­ions wilt for­give,
Yea, Thou wilt take them all away.

How blest are they whom Thou dost choose
To come and in Thy courts abide;
Communing in Thy ho­ly house,
With good we shall be sa­tis­fied.

By migh­ty deeds in right­eous­ness
Prayer’s an­swer sure­ly comes from Thee,
O God our Sav­ior, God the trust
Of all Thy saints on land or sea.

Thy power has set the mount­ains firm,
O God al­migh­ty, girt with strength;
At Thy com­mand the waves are still,
The na­tions cease from war at length.

The tok­ens of Thy migh­ty pow­er,
Lead men in ev­ery clime to fear;
From east to west through all the earth
Thou send­est glad­ness far and near.