Scripture Verse

…was made in the likeness of men. Philippians 2:7


Joseph Hall

Words: Jo­seph Hall, cir­ca 1597.

Music: Hol­de­man, from Christ­mas Car­ols New and Old, by Hen­ry R. Bram­ley & John Stain­er (Lon­don: No­vel­lo, Ew­er & Com­pa­ny, cir­ca 1878), num­ber 70 (🔊 pdf nwc).


Immortal Babe, who this dear day
Didst change Thine Heaven for our clay,
And didst with flesh Thy Godhead veil,
Eternal Son of God, all hail!

Shine, happy star, ye angels sing
Glory on high to Heaven’s king;
Run, shepherds, leave your nightly watch,
See Heav’n come down to Bethlehem’s cratch.

Worship, ye sages of the east,
The King of gods in meanness dressed;
O blessèd maid, with smiles adore
The God thine arms, thy bosom bore.

Star, angels, shepherds, sages wise,
Thou virgin glory of all eyes,
Restorèd frame of Heaven and earth,
Rejoice in your Redeemer’s birth!