Au­gust 18, 1862, Vermillion County, Illinois (near Danville).

Au­gust 23, 1933, near Upper Sandusky, Ohio, after being hit by a train.

Woodlawn Ce­me­te­ry, Ada, Ohio.

Hawes, a Church of Christ minister, formed an evangelistic team with Jacob V. Updike (1850–1907) about 1885. They met with great success before disbanding to serve local congregations. Hawes pastored in Greenwich, and later Ada, Ohio. His works in­clude:

  1. Alone in Darkness and in Sin
  2. Angels of Glory a Mission Have Had, The
  3. Brother of Mine, in the Battle of Life
  4. Come Over and Help Us
  5. Hark, the Master’s Voice Now Calleth
  6. How Sweet are the Memories of Childhood
  7. In the Palace of My King
  8. Jesus, Mighty to Save
  9. Judea’s Plains Were Dark and Still
  10. No Room in the Inn
  11. Our Father in Heaven, We Thank Thee
  12. Story of the Resurrection, The
  13. When Israel Dwelt in Egypt Land
  1. Are You Coming to Jesus Tonight?
  2. Hawes