Scripture Verse

Ye shall be witnesses unto Me. Acts 1:8


James E. Hawes (1862–1933)

Words: Fran­ces R. Ha­ver­gal, writ­ten No­vem­ber 1871 at Per­ry Barr, Birm­ing­ham, Eng­land.

Music: Hawes James E. Hawes, 1900 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Frances R. Havergal (1836–1879)


Have you not a word for Je­sus?
Not a word to say for Him?
He is list­en­ing through the cho­rus
Of the burn­ing se­ra­phim.
He has spok­en words of bless­ing,
Pardon, peace and love to you,
Glorious hopes and gra­cious com­fort,
Strong and ten­der, sweet and true.

Have you not a word for Je­sus?
Will the world His praise pro­claim?
Who shall speak if ye are si­lent—
Ye who know and love His name?
You, whom He hath called and chos­en
His own fol­low­ers to be,
Will you tell your gra­cious mas­ter,
Lord, we can­not speak for Thee.

Have you not a word for Je­sus?
Some, per­chance, while ye are dumb,
Wait and wea­ry for your mes­sage,
Hoping you will bid them, Come.
Will you cast away the glad­ness
Thus your mas­ter’s joy to share,
All be­cause a word for Je­sus
Seems too much for you to dare?

Yes, we have a word for Je­sus,
We will brave­ly speak for Thee;
And Thy bold and faith­ful sol­diers,
Savior, we would hence­forth be.
In Thy name set up our ban­ners,
While Thine own we wave above,
With Thy crim­son name of Mer­cy,
And Thy gold­en name of Love.