Scripture Verse

Ye shall be witnesses unto Me. Acts 1:8


James E. Hawes

Words: Fran­ces R. Ha­ver­gal, writ­ten No­vem­ber 1871 at Per­ry Barr, Birm­ing­ham, Eng­land.

Music: Hawes James E. Hawes, 1900 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Frances R. Havergal


Have you not a word for Jesus?
Not a word to say for Him?
He is listening through the chorus
Of the burning seraphim.
He has spoken words of blessing,
Pardon, peace and love to you,
Glorious hopes and gracious comfort,
Strong and tender, sweet and true.

Have you not a word for Jesus?
Will the world His praise proclaim?
Who shall speak if ye are silent—
Ye who know and love His name?
You, whom He hath called and chosen
His own followers to be,
Will you tell your gracious master,
Lord, we cannot speak for Thee.

Have you not a word for Jesus?
Some, perchance, while ye are dumb,
Wait and weary for your message,
Hoping you will bid them, Come.
Will you cast away the gladness
Thus your master’s joy to share,
All because a word for Jesus
Seems too much for you to dare?

Yes, we have a word for Jesus,
We will bravely speak for Thee;
And Thy bold and faithful soldiers,
Savior, we would henceforth be.
In Thy name set up our banners,
While Thine own we wave above,
With Thy crimson name of Mercy,
And Thy golden name of Love.