One body, and one Spirit.@Ephesians 4:4

Thomas Cotterill, Selections 1819, number 28.

Hebron Lowell Mason, 1830 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lowell Mason (1792–1872)

Lord, cause Thy face on us to shine,
Give us Thy peace, and seal us Thine;
Teach us to prize the means of grace,
And love Thine earthly dwelling place.

May we in truth our sins confess,
Worship the Lord in holiness;
And all Thy power and glory see
Within Thy hallowed sanctuary.

O King of Salem, Prince of Peace,
Bid strife among Thy subjects cease.
One is our faith, and one our Lord:
One body, spirit, hope, reward.

One God and Father of us all,
On whom Thy Church and people call:
Oh, may we one communion be,
One with each other, one in Thee.

Bless all whose voice salvation brings,
Who minister in holy things;
The elder, pastors, deacons, bless;
Clothe them with zeal and righteousness.

Let many in the judgment day,
Turned from the error of their way,
Their hope, their joy, their crown appear:
Save those who preach and those who hear.