Scripture Verse

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14


Words: God­frey Thring, Hymns and Sac­red Lyr­ics (Lon­don: Hen­ry S. King, 1874), pages 33–34.

Music: Church Tri­um­phant James W. El­li­ott, 1874 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

If you know where to get a good pic­ture of Thring or El­li­ott (head & shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els),


Come, na­tions, come, and hail from far,
Come hail the long-ex­pect­ed Star,
For He who sprung from Jes­se’s stem,
This day was born in Beth­le­hem.

Come, wan­der­ing pilg­rims, join the throng,
And list­en to the an­gel song,
Hark! as they chant the sweet re­frain,
Of Peace on earth, good will toward men.

No voice more dear, no song more bright,
Than that the an­gels sang the night
That ush­ered in the joy­ous morn
On which the Prince of Peace was born.

Haste with the shep­herds, haste away,
Haste see the place where Je­sus lay,
And with the an­gels hov­er­ing there,
Sing prais­es in the mid­night air.

Let Heav’n and earth in con­cert sing,
In ca­rols to the new­born King,
Re-echo­ing still the sweet re­frain,
Peace—peace on earth, good will to­ward men.