February 13, 1833, Warwick, England.

February 5, 1915, St. Marylebone, London, England.

Elliott was a chorister at Leamington Parish Church (1846–48), and later played the organ at Leamington Chapel (1847–52); Heaton Hall; Banbury Parish Church (1860–62); at St. Mary, Bolton, Brampton (1862–64); All Saints, St. John’s Wood (1864–74); and St. Mark’s Church, Hamilton Terrace.

With George Dalziel and Edward Dalziel, who did the engraving, he published Mother Goose; or, National Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs in the 1870s. He was musical editor of Church Hymns, 1874, having been invited by Arthur Sullivan in 1871. He also wrote hymn tunes, anthems two operettas, and The Song of Hybrias the Cretan, a popular song of his generation. His other works include:

  1. Belsize
  2. Church Triumphant
  3. Cross and Crown
  4. Day of Rest
  5. Hosanna
  6. Vespers