Come, see the place where the Lord lay.@Matthew 28:6

Ar­thur T. Rus­sell, Psalms and Hymns (Cam­bridge, Eng­land: John Deigh­ton, 1851), num­ber 102.

Chris­tus Der Uns Sel­ig Macht Mi­chael Weisse, 1531 (🔊 pdf nwc).

In the tomb, behold He lies
Who the dead awaketh.
Christ, our stricken sacrifice,
Of sweet rest partaketh.
Fear we then no more the gloom
Of death’s narrow dwelling:
Jesus died! the wondering tomb
Of His praise is telling.

Vainly shall His foes rejoice;
Vainly death detain Him:
Lazarus heard His mighty voice;
What shall then restrain Him?
What shall bind His conquering arm,
Who the mountains rendeth?
Who, that He may death disarm,
To the tomb descendeth?