Circa 1488–1534
Michael Weis


Born: Cir­ca 1488, Neis­se, Si­le­sia (now Ny­sa, Po­land).

Died: 1534, Lands­kron, Mo­ra­via (now Lanš­kroun, Czech­ia).


Weisse was a Fran­cis­can monk in Bres­lau, Si­le­sia (now Wro­cław, Po­land), where he wrote ma­ny of his hymns.

He en­tered Kra­ków Un­i­ver­si­ty in 1504, and joined the Mo­ra­vi­an bro­thers in 1518 at Lei­to­misch, Bo­he­mia (now Li­to­myšl, Czech­ia). In 1522, he be­came an el­der of their com­mun­i­ty in Lands­kron.

In 1531, he ed­it­ed the first Mo­ra­vi­an hymn­book, Ein New Ge­seng­buch­len, with 157 hymns, in­clud­ing some of his own.




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