Scripture Verse

On His head were many crowns. Revelation 19:12


Edward Denny

Words: Ed­ward Den­ny, Hymns for the Poor of the Flock 1838, num­ber 143.

Music: Co­ro­nae Will­iam H. Monk, 1871 (🔊 pdf nwc).

William H. Monk


Bright with all His crowns of glory,
See the royal Victor’s brow;
Once for sinners marred and gory,
See the Lamb exalted now:
While before Him
All His ransomed brethren bow.

Blessèd morning! long expected
Lo! they fill the peopled air,
Mourners once by man rejected,
They with Him, exalted there,
Sing His praises,
And His throne of glory share.

Judah! lo thy royal Lion
Reigns on earth, a conquering King:
Come, ye ransomed tribes of Zion,
Love’s abundant offerings bring;
There behold Him,
And His ceaseless praises sing.

King of kings! Let earth adore Him,
High on His exalted throne;
Fall, ye nations, fall before Him,
And His righteous scepter own;
All the glory
Be to Him, and Him alone!