October 2, 1796, Tralee Castle, County Kerry, Ireland.

June 13, 1889, Brompton, Kensington, London, England.

Paddington Old Cemetery, London, England.

Edward was the son of E. Den­ny, fourth bar­on­et, of Tra­lee Castle, County Ker­ry.

He succeeded his father as bar­on­et in August 1831:

Nearly the whole town of Tra­lee belonged to him. He had an opportunity twenty years ago, when his leases fell in, of raising his rents to figures that, in some cases, would not have been considered extortionate had they been quadrupled. He, however, decided to accept the old rents. The result was that he was almost alone in escaping any reduction in the hands of the Land Commission. So far as he was himself concerned, a little money went a long way, but he gave liberally to poor relations and to the development of religious work in connection with the Brethren. Living in a quiet way in a cottage in Is­ling­ton, he devoted his time to the study of the prophetic books. His rental income from Ire­land was about £13,000 a year.

Leeds Mer­cu­ry, June 19, 1889

Denny belonged to the Ply­mouth Breth­ren, and contributed much to their hym­no­dy. His works include:

  1. Break Forth, O Earth, in Praises
  2. Bride of the Lamb, Awake, Awake
  3. Bride of the Lamb, Rejoice, Rejoice
  4. Bright with All His Crowns of Glory
  5. Children of God, in All Your Need
  6. Children of Light, Arise and Shine
  7. Children of Light, Awake, Awake
  8. Dear Lord, Amid the Throng That Pressed
  9. Hark to the Trump! Behold It Breaks
  10. Hope of Our Hearts, O Lord, Appear
  11. Isles of the Deep, Rejoice!
  12. Joy to the Ransomed Earth
  13. Light of the Lonely Pilgrim’s Heart
    • Come, Blessèd Lord, Bid Every Shore
  14. Lo, ’Tis the Heavenly Army
  15. O Blessed Lord, Thy Feeble Sheep
  16. O Grace Divine! The Savior Shed
  17. O Lord, the Bright and Blessed Hope
  18. O What a Bright and Blessed World
  19. O Wondrous Hour! When Jesus Thou
  20. O Zion, When Thy Savior Came
  21. Pilgrim Through This Lonely World, A
  22. Savior, in Love Divine
  23. Sweet Feast of Love Divine
  24. Sweet Was the Hour, O Lord, to Thee
  25. Thou Vain, Deceitful World
  26. Through Israel’s Land the Lord of All
  27. ’Tis Finished All—Our Souls to Win
  28. ’Tis He, the Mighty Savior Comes
  29. ’Tis Night—But O the Joyful Morn
  30. ’Tis Past, the Dark and Dreary Night
  31. To Calvary, Lord, in Spirit Now
  32. What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone
  33. Where, in This Waste Unlovely
  34. While in Sweet Communion Feeding